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TheFeminineChest: ECHOES OF INSPIRATION, The Betrayal

"Daddy will never leave you because he loves you so much". These were the words that kept echoing and re-echoing in Enyonam's mind.
She recalls vividly the enjoyable moments she had with her father, the long-lasting memories they created together. These are memories, as the adjective suggests, "long-lasting"... they've refused to leave her mind.
For so many years, she's tried so hard to understand why her father left the family, if she could get to know just one reason why, she'd be just fine, but no, she couldn't find any reason.
Each time she remembers the long night strolls, the plays they watched at the theater, the visit to family and friends, how he bathed for her, taught her to act like a lady, the books he bought for her including how he disciplined her, she weeps.
She will feel betrayed, rejected and abandoned by the man who promised to stay. It was difficult to get over it but she prayed and hoped for a time when she'll be thankful…


BATTLING DEPRESSION  As I sat down, with my phone in both palms, alert. My heart feels heavy, my throat feels blocked, my breath... Long breaths. I'm uneasy. I'm sad. I'm alone. I feel depressed. My eyes aren't watery but they are cloudy, tears can rain at any moment.
But if anyone should budge in now, I'll smile, maybe even laugh and share a joke. It wouldn't change what's going on in the inside of me though but it will keep mockers away, it will keep mouths shut and benevolently even make someone else feel better.

I have struggles, you have battles, we all fighting a war that has been waged on us by the realities of life.

As children, we were happy, innocent and free. Free to dream dreams, free to define our lives and how the future must be. We never for once thought it will be hard, rough, bumpy, narrow, uneasy!

We fell on our beds and slept immediately because we had nothing and no one to think about. We were in a hurry to dream our dreams of the futur…


Hey, there!

I told you that, I'll sit with the moon, stars and breeze to tell soothing tales to refresh your soul.
Meet my moon, stars and breeze. The wonderful people who have volunteered to contribute to make this place a place of no return.

I'll start with Godwin Delali Adadzie.
When God made angels and asked them to stay in heaven to worship Him, out of His loving kindness, He asked some of them to come to earth to reach out to people and make their lives better.
And Delali, as His name even suggests is one of such angels, "My redeemer lives" is my Administrator.

The second person is Elsie Natalie.
She's a revolutionist who believes in the course to unleash and harness the hidden talents and purpose of people and also to divulge the hidden truth of life blinded by the mind's eye.
A critical analyst, persistent preacher and advocate of life's drills and trials, environmental influences, social trivial issues, the course of nature and  revelations that …