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It's been almost a month now, and I still can't get my ex out of my mind. Too many memories flooding my thoughts, I think I'm gonna drown soon cause I'm finding it difficult to keep my head above it all.
I keep wondering how I've been able to get over my first love whom I never had the chance to have a definite relationship with but for my ex, I just can't. It even gets scary when I imagine the possibility of still being in love with him.

It's been almost two years since we broke up. He had become so busy, I tried to understand even without explanations, I tried to stay calm giving myself excuses, I tried to keep things going on my own, I tried, I tried, I tried so hard but it didn't work because I was the only one trying. When I got fed up, we broke up.

After some months, I let him know that I wanted us back but he wasn't interested. He said he still loved me but he couldn't promise anything. I told him I didn't want promises, I just wante…



What if you woke up and realized that all the dreams you ever had aren't God's plan for your life? What if you hear God telling you to leave everything you've ever known and had behind and start afresh like He did to Abraham?
I personally don't even have the answers to the above questions, I don't even know what I'll do. And that is the problem.
But you know the funny thing? It has already happened to us several times. Many times we've had to let go off some dreams and goals we felt we needed to work towards but in the end, we realized that, that just wasn't it.
No, doubt. It's very difficult for us to embrace new beginnings because of the fear of the unknown.

Mary was a maiden who had her own plans and hopes that every maiden at her time will have. To serve God according to how she had been taught and to get married and live happily ever after but what happened? She woke up one day to realize that her's was a different life, she …



Mother's Day celebrations are finally over. It came with so many amazing things to appreciate and make you happy as mothers.
The whole world knows how great you people are and how much difference you make in the world. Even God himself knows this too because through you he manifests His love and shows the whole world what it means to love, even before He thought of letting his son come to the world to demonstrate it better for us all.

Mother's Day undoubtedly was very successful with many of you receiving well wishes and gifts from your spouses and children. It is very unfortunate that people took the day to lash out at children who we believe to be stubborn. Meanwhile these same categorized children gave out their well wishes as well (that's not to say there are no stubborn children but if there are, who raised them?)

The mother talks always come with how good the mother is and not how bad she can be, how much her children have to respect her but not how much s…

TheFeminineChest: InspirationalWednesday


Hi! Let's talk about having a divatude which of course, you won't understand until after you've read this message.

In today's world where there is so much chaos and less peace, it is easier to go with the flow of being chaotic ie; having a negative attitude of worry, anxiety and depression.

Let's look at this scenario;
There are a group of people in a very dark tunnel, all of them very agitated and anxious. Then all of a sudden they notice a ray of light ahead of them. What do you think their demeanor will change to?
One of excitement, joy, relief and some sort of calmness right? And what happens next? They begin to follow it to find its source. Great!

Now let's do some interpretation;
The dark tunnel represents the world we live in now, the people in it represent everyone of us that is full of negativity and anxiety and the light is that beautiful person who is full of positivity, speaks words of life... That person with a DIVATUDE and divatud…


Arise and behold the future
Like an opened door
It remains ajar
With open arms
It receives

In it rests newness
In it is new beginnings
In it lies opportunities
In it is satisfaction

A room does not walk to you
Even the bed that gives you comfort
If not walked to remains empty

It is amazing how we can easily get into the comfort zone of now
But cannot get into the comfort zone of future
Hard work is difficult but pays off
Comfort is easy but costs you

Where ever you get the strength from to walk to your bed to sleep
Go get it from there and get to work for your future.

Too many wishes
Too many day dreaming
Yet no efforts
To make them happen

Fairy tales are not for the human world
So cut the wishes and day dreams
Hoping for a magic wand to wave them into reality?
Even that wouldn't last
They'll vanish by midnight

Don't Just sit there and look longingly into the future
Arise and walk into it with hard work

Start doing that project you've always wanted to do
Start sitting …


What do you say it is?
Is it the feeling of butterflies that flutter by in your stomach
Leaving you almost helpless?

What do you say it is?
Is it the feeling of your heart constantly missing a beat
Whiles going on a race alone
Leaving you almost breathless?

What do you say it?
Is it that moment where you're frozen, stunned, astonished, perplexed and unbelievably lost
In thoughts of him or her?

What do you say it is?
Is it that moment where your brain shuts down
Not knowing what is right or wrong
Whether to turn left or go on ahead
Where you're lost and just don't know what to do or say?

What is love?
Love is as wild as the ocean waves and tides
Yet as gentle as the breeze that whistles at night time

Love is sweet music
Composed from the rhythmic beats of the lovers hearts
And the silent breaths from their noses and soft moans from their mouths that touch each time they kiss

love is jealous yet trusts
Love is selfish yet generous
Love may lose faith yet remains hopeful


Death, oh you death
You shameless and unrepentant vagabond
Running around choosing who to devour
Who to lay your icy cold fingers on
Who to suffocate with a cold malicious hug

Death, oh you death
Turning a deaf ear to those who long to be in your bosom
To those who crave for you with the same cravings of a pregnant woman
But rather choosing to rip apart the souls from the bodies that want you not

Death, oh you death
You gracious and wonderful gift
Worthy of praise and gratitude
You who brings into newness an old life
You through whom treasures are birthed
You through whom new life is unearthed

Death, oh you death
Without whom the seed will not sprout
Not to talk of blossoming to become a tree
A tree that gives shade, shelters and provides
You through whom ressurection is guaranteed

Death, oh you death
I want to die
Come lay your icy hands of troubles on me
Hug me tight in your cold bosom of sorrow
Do not turn a deaf ear to my call
Come, satisfy my cravings for lessons of you

Death, o…


Dreams tucked away beneath pillows
Deep within, the conscience bellows
For courage to awaken from slumber

The sleep of failure crawls nigh
As the night of procrastination comes by
Light up the lamp of awareness

Come forth from the womb of Sloth
From the cocoon, beauty be clothed
Ready yourself to take flight

Begin to flap the wings of bravery
Taking flight, fly away from slavery
And be released from the chains of fear

Yes, fear
The fear of fighting battles that must be fought
Release yourself from negative thoughts

Now I ask you to begin
On your marks, get set
Reach beneath the pillows
And pull out your dreams

With your courage powered self
Race on the track of success
With determined eyes look nowhere

But ahead, where the target rests
Not stopping till you reach the finishing line
Where those dreams become reality

©Akuvi Aguedze


I could feel my ear twitch and tingle
To a voice so smooth and soothing
My heart would leap to its feet
Dancing to the rhythm of the music it made
Awakening in me, the butterflies
That had been put to sleep for so long a time
My body unresponsive
And my mind very pensive
Lost in the desert of reasoning and logic
Flashes of lightening,
Shakes of heartquakes all b'cause
I'm missing too many heart beats

And my eyes open to a dream come true
Look! He is here
Who? The fairy tale guy, my Prince Charming!
He stands in valour with a heart of gold
A spirit so true and free of deceit
A soul so pure, beauty is complete
Eyes that shine forth admittance to
Weaknesses and faultless imperfections
And still screams of graceful strengths unimaginable

I admit, yes I dare to admit
His looks aren't anything to behold
A handsome beast of a man
Not a charming freak of a boy
I admit, yes I dare to admit
I fell in love with the spirit and soul
And I'm in love with a heart of gold



The sale of palmwine in my house has created the chance for different kinds of men to walk into the house at anytime. And as sweet as I am, I smile and engage them in petty conversations if I'm to serve them.

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning and I had been sent to get some stuffs from the market. I chanced on one of the regular customers who had actually proposed to me.
He asked that i accept his proposal, so that he takes me out to a guest house to "chill". I asked him what kind of "chilling" and without an iota of shame he said drinks and sex. Sex especially because it's been long since he had it.

I looked at him intently and asked him if he thinks that's all relationship is all about, if he knew that he needed to perform marriage rites for a woman to become his wife before he haves sex with her.
Then the sweet talk started and one statement that got me really thinking was; "woy3 de3 mep3 mame a, m3ware wo". Meaning if…


She carries conical hills on her chest, a mountain behind her and her face is a rose Her thighs threaten to leave their container A glance at her is taking alcohol before meal Back you look again and again Your heart becomes a cheetah Increasing the pressure in your groins In the walls of your mind, her body graced your bed Again, it happens Today, you'd be a man you jumped behind her Like a lion set to attack its prey, married her to the ground and eased your pressure in her. She's hurt, but your heart is a hardened metal bar You padlocked her lips with a life threat Now, she's weak Her belly contains the world; a globe on its own Her pride is lost You've crushed a dream You've caged a beautiful flower. BY: GGABLA


You stood behind that opaque object
Trying to deter me from the subject
Yet that subject i cannot boycott
Even if it should face the circuit court
HMMM! How do i see you?                                            
I am straining my eyes, yet i can't see
This is not a medical condition
Should i say you are not the right person?
Or time should tell
Deep inside me is a well
Which does not yield water
But keeps tattered emotions

You took it personal
Though you had no arsenal,
your words blasted my soul into pieces.
I got you ices
Just for you to shine out for me;
Anger made you reject, left me;

Sweetheart! I felt void inside me
Just because you left me
I know you were not at fault
But you should not have left me in the malt.
Thinking i would die there

Still you have my care
No, i won't trigger your anger
With that silly mistake anymore.
Happy for this Resolution.

©Ralph Amore


Come into my abode
Forget the world outside, let us live with one accord
A million miles away, you sing to my hearing
All and sundry are aware of our caring
No metal cutter can split us
No radiation can pass through us

You are my sweetest testimony
The richest with their wealth seek this with money
I adore the one who gave birth to you
The world can be at war for you
We just have a simple place to hide
In our bed, and they will search wide

Let us go to the fields
There we will see the trees blown by the wind
Our dresses will billow in the wind
As we have fun and sing
Let all sorrowful past go
We will now harvest what we sow

©Ralph Amore


We have really come far
Knowing well the going was sour
Yet together we stooped through the danger
With each of us doing away with anger
How then do we end mid-way?
Like how Judas swayed away.

Started from north and headed south
Did not even know our destination
With lots of doubts.
I was the harmless lion
Harmless to you but harmful to those pseudo-lions.
Now I am weaker than the sheep in the jungle.
In your heart I keep my vulnerable emotions to handle

You have been indifferent.
Strange, awkward behaviour with Confidence
Do not forget my lion days
Fought for you in divers ways
In my sick bed, deformity, remember I never fathomed these.
My struggle was for our success keys.

©Ralph Amore


By that shore you
      You were planning a coup
Oh my haters!
      thought we same hunters
We hunted and killed together
      And now i am being hunted

      Betrayal has given me emotional torture
My best friend has removed my trouser
      The trouser we both wore
And now facing me with a war
      War i can't fight
Yet i am being compelled to the site

I have to be strong
     Since i can't recognize my wrong
This war will be too great
      My only option is to pass the other gate
I will gain my victory
      And that is how i will make my

©Ralph Amore


Started as a joke
It seemed to me there was none in the world
Kept looking round and deviated most works
Seemed to be too late when I realized it was just under my nose
My heart became heavy as a yoke
It seemed to me I had ended my woes

Fright and fear never gave me chance
Fear of disappoint never made me go at once
Just lingering and beating around the bush
I thought may be God would help me push
I felt killing myself when given the wrong answer
Would have been milder if diagnosed of cancer

The Omnipotent God deserves His praise
I never ignored pressing Him for whom I want to raise
Raise my life with her with all faithfulness
I guess she found out my eagerness
I craved for you with all my might
Just as you stand for me in all your right

You and I forever
We make success together
We are really meant together
Looks like a mystery being together
R and A forever
Loving each other with pleasure.

©Ralph Amore


I see the look in your eyes
My feet become too heavy to move
I thank my God who dwell in the skies
And the one who trained you at school
It is a lion’s move
Soo brave, very wild
This will bless us with a child
Full of love, piercing my heart
Our children and we only have our hut
The true love will bring the whole world under our feet

I try to keep them away
Just because I need you always
Also roar at them and drive away
It is like years when I stay with you for days
God’s strength I seek to stay with you always
There is no need to seek love when I have abundance
A thousand miles can come between us
My assurance is that I will always attend to you
Through the rain, across the sunshine, in doom
Even in grave, my soul will always be at your watch

©Ralph Amore


Would you forget me soon?
Where would i be? In the woods?
How long would i remain in your memory?
Please let my name dwell for a century.

Lying there prostrate,
With nothing good i did for my state.
Different tributes are read about me.
Of which none condemns me.
Are you telling me i did nothing wrong?

With the slow movements accompanied
with a dirge.
I am being sent into exile with my dear
in her wedge.
Weep not, for i will soon be forgotten.

I needed your prayer when alive
You could have helped my quest for eternal life
I strived for success
My impoverished life was worst.

After these earthly suffering,
Even without offspring,
Would the heavenly father accept me?
I just hope and pray he will not forsake me.

It seems the world has forgotten its purpose.
The reason of which it came is lost.
Let my absence be your council.
Forget the pain in your tonsil.
Make a coup in your life.
A coup that will dethrone your bad deeds.
And enthrone into your life good deeds.

©Ralph Amore


It is as if the heavens have opened up
In years I now have a cup of tea
Strives, hustles and disappointments
Hatred, backbiting, dirty plots, evil engagements
Who deserves the praise?

Daddy! Which God did you serve?
And now we live like this
Did our God forsake us?
Or He has now shone His light on us?
Tell me, who deserves the praise?

Mommy strived like any other man
She worked hard for all of us, not only one
With just a blink, divine intervention
I must know the one who deserves the praise

Tell me He is immortal
He has seen our lives as vital
He has made us a living testimony
What He has done can’t be purchase with money
I am getting the deserved being for the praise

He purchased us with His blood
Atoned for our sins, for all those who are bad
I love His promise for me which is immortality
Nothing supersedes His vitality
Indeed! Christ deserves it

©Ralph Amore


Tell me where we are heading to
When the driver has lost his way through
Just moving unknowingly
Just because he took over forcefully
With deceit and well labelled lies;
The poor and the impoverished now cry

Even the ant makes way for future
The physician closes the cavity with suture
Protecting and preparing against any rapture
But the clerk has to go instead of capture
Forgetting his pen is sharper than a dagger

Now tell me; how do we reach our destination?
When a million-people’s assets are being embezzled by a lone-person.
The peasants sweat for the upper class
to enclose themselves in the chill room;
Refreshing, and leaving them in their doom.
It seems the destination has evaded us;
Just because of some greedy bustards.

©Ralph Amore


I saw you smile from afar
My shadow even enjoys seeing you pass
I wish the door to your house would always open ajar
So that you would always see me pass
You are like the chameleon
Or is it my eyes which can't always withstand your look?
It seems i always see you different
Your beauty combines ancient and recent

I desired you since time immemorial
Long before my dad's burrial
Why are my actions not speaking for me?
You still cannot read me
I want to believe it is pretence
But remeber i will be at your defence
The love i give you is divine
Prepare, join my family in our wine

I have no taste for anyone
You are natural; God giving love for me not anyone
You are a blessing
I am the lucky corn in the field that receive abundant rainfall
Within my heart there is choral singing
Full of excitement when i hear you calling
You are the one i desired
And now you are the one i possess

©Ralph Amore


Difficult to isolate from the company
But when able, won't cause tetany
They look with detestful eyes
Think evil and will even like to fight
Sinking with them is stupidity,
Let them sink alone in their iniquity.

The tree by the bank smiles always
Never will it wish to be at a dry place
For it will shrink in the hamattan
Funny, thinking it's the cause of Satan
Living the good for bad,
Even sounds and feels sad.

Living the negative for positive
Avoiding qualitative for quantitative
Quality wife in your world
 You still give those prostitutes your word
Conscience really speaks,
Lacking one, good enough to seek.

About time to forget those moments
When thought all was right with those comments
Comments that caused insomnia
Even when watching 'Chronicles of Nania'
Inflicting emotional pain,
With just words that will cause others to wail.

Good to cross that deadly sea
The sea that turns you into an interviewee
Testify your present state
Laugh at the past and those waste


When the corrupt leaders loot,
The savaged downcast also shoot.
All in the name of wealth.
Backwardness has always been the slogan
It continues until the relief of their barbaric organ.

Good leaders have come and gone;
Good singers have written songs;
Successions have come to destroy;
Loot the already made goods with
With bad people they deploy.
In the name of ‘’on my side’’.
Not really concerned with the best
Leaving wide.

Grandparents! What was your secret?
We are made to know it was
Patriotism and good laws
You decreed.
Mother told me you were selfless.
Does it mean our generation are careless?
The wind will keep blowing on our faces
Pull us back and keep us lingering in our
unfinished cases.

©Ralph Amore


To start with, I've always been a lover of write ups; poems, stories, inspirational messages etc. And i've always loved to write too. When i was younger, i wrote a lot, mostly on emotions especially love and i always wondered when i'd write about something different like societal issues, religious topics etc.
As i grew older, i learnt about individual gifts and thought that, maybe to write solely on emotions was my gift. Honestly, its not as if i had tried to write on something different before coming to that conclusion.
Just recently, i decided to write on child marriage and from the numerous feedbacks i got, that poem was pretty good...ideal i must say (not to blow my own horn tho). Then i learnt that, you never really know you can't do something until you try it.
You never really know you can't be good at that subject weighing you down until you try to make it a goal to work at.
You never really know you can start your own business until …

THEFEMININECHEST: InspirationalWednesday


I remember when I was in high school and we'll have individual project works.
Especially after the theory has been taught.
Before the individual project work, the teacher would have taken us through a general one. So the individual project work was for us to try our hands on and practice what we had been taught.
Now, during the project work,  the teacher sits at a corner waiting to be called by someone to help with a difficulty encountered.
We all had difficulty at one stage or the other. But we'll wait patiently, till she takes care of everyone, one after the other.

 I have always associated the above experience at school with how God answers prayers.
There are so many people in the world, and if not everyone, the majority of us are praying to God for something, calling on Him to help us with one difficulty or the other.
It's not like it's impossible for God to answer our prayers all at the same time.
But just like in the class everyone waits pat…