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I could feel my ear twitch and tingle
To a voice so smooth and soothing
My heart would leap to its feet
Dancing to the rhythm of the music it made
Awakening in me, the butterflies
That had been put to sleep for so long a time
My body unresponsive
And my mind very pensive
Lost in the desert of reasoning and logic
Flashes of lightening,
Shakes of heartquakes all b'cause
I'm missing too many heart beats

And my eyes open to a dream come true
Look! He is here
Who? The fairy tale guy, my Prince Charming!
He stands in valour with a heart of gold
A spirit so true and free of deceit
A soul so pure, beauty is complete
Eyes that shine forth admittance to
Weaknesses and faultless imperfections
And still screams of graceful strengths unimaginable

I admit, yes I dare to admit
His looks aren't anything to behold
A handsome beast of a man
Not a charming freak of a boy
I admit, yes I dare to admit
I fell in love with the spirit and soul
And I'm in love with a heart of gold
Beauty is but a bonus not a reason
Why you love, else it is a treason
My love, my noble one, my Prince Charming
Come with me, in a fairy tale of our own
And let's live it out together
Happily ever after.

©Akuvi Aguedze


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Hey there,
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So here is how we are going to start. Here is how we are coming back. As God willed it, my maiden book is almost done and it is titled THE REMINDER. I had a good friend help with the editing and here is a review he wrote. I'd like for you to read it and get to know a little about this book. In the meantime, till i start writing again.

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