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Mother's Day celebrations are finally over. It came with so many amazing things to appreciate and make you happy as mothers.
The whole world knows how great you people are and how much difference you make in the world. Even God himself knows this too because through you he manifests His love and shows the whole world what it means to love, even before He thought of letting his son come to the world to demonstrate it better for us all.

Mother's Day undoubtedly was very successful with many of you receiving well wishes and gifts from your spouses and children. It is very unfortunate that people took the day to lash out at children who we believe to be stubborn. Meanwhile these same categorized children gave out their well wishes as well (that's not to say there are no stubborn children but if there are, who raised them?)

The mother talks always come with how good the mother is and not how bad she can be, how much her children have to respect her but not how much she has to respect her children, how much a mother needs to be appreciated but not how much a child should also be appreciated and so on.

Dear moms, this letter is supposed to bring to light some issues we face as children in our relationship with you as mothers. I can say for sure that every child who has known his or her mother very well has a heart full of love for her but it's intensity depends on the kind of mom he or she has. For example; a child who has a hard to please woman as a mom will not love her as much as a child who has an understanding and patient woman as a mother will. That's not to say that the former mom doesn't have a good side, everyone has their bad and good sides.

First issue is the fact that moms feel they are never at fault at anything. Moms, you know where two or more people are involved, it's a relationship right? You also know that for a relationship to thrive it depends on both sides not just on one person? You also know that in a relationship there's going to be stepping on toes too from both sides right? So why do you think you can never step on our toes?

I read a story of how a mom put a child who had grown wings in his place in the most strategic way I've never seen in this part of our world. If it was here, you'd get all emotional and start hurling insults at us, but that ain't cool you know? There are times in our walk together that you hurt us so much but we aren't allowed to express our dissatisfaction because we're children and never right. Meanwhile, we go to school everyday and top it up with Sunday school. That makes us feel less of humans and more of robots who only take instructions and control commands.

Do you realize that we're humans? Who have interests, likes, dislikes, emotions and feelings? Why is it so difficult for you to respect us as children? Do you realize that the relationship we have with you goes beyond that of your relationship with your best friend, siblings and even your spouse? So why is it easier for you to respect their interests and not ours? It's unfortunate that in our part of the world, children are always wrong where an elder is involved. Why? It just doesn't make much sense.

Look, there's no-one who can do the things you do as a mother starting from conceiving us, carrying us in your womb for nine months, taking care of our needs and being totally dependent on you as babies till we're old enough to do some of these things on our own. But what's the use if you go through all that and can't cohabitate with us as your children? You don't stop to think for once about how we feel about your actions and inactions, the way you shout at us when we make a mistake, the way you shut us up when we want to express our feelings.

Do you know the major cause of suicides among children or youth? Do you know the major cause of change in behavior of a child? Everything that happens to us begins from home, if we can't communicate successfully, our animal instincts will show up because it's about our survival. Most children who grow up and abandon their mothers don't just do so. I remember reading an article of a man who had abandoned his mother because she didn't show much love and appreciation towards him as a child. He was treated like a burden meanwhile this is not someone who asked to be given birth to, but he has been given birth to anyway and has to suffer for it. Is it fair that such a person should be judged and condemned without listening to his side of the story?

The teenage stage is a very difficult stage for us as children, I believe it is also the most difficult stage in parenting as well. But do you know we can work it out and get over it together? If only you're ready to listen to us as we obey you, respect us as we respect you, appreciate us as we appreciate you, encourage us as we try our best to make you proud, give us some space sometimes as we do same for you and so on.

Dear moms, children are a gift from God. As you go on your knees to pray for that gift, keep in mind that it comes with its responsibilities you'll have to account for. The Bible says do unto others as you want others to do unto you. In effect, if you expect that your children will cherish you, cherish them, for them to treasure you, treasure them, for them to respect you, respect them. Even us you teach us Ephesians 6: 1-2, you also should learn Ephesians 6: 4.

As it stands now, the last drop of ink in my pen is almost finished. Thank you for the sacrifices you continue to make for children. God bless all mothers.

With love,
Anonymous child.

PS: I apologize to anyone who might feel offended about this letter.


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