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My eyes never enjoyed your sight
My nose did not smell you for once
My tongue did not taste you
Nor did my ears hear your voice
My hands? They never felt your warmth But I have seen your glory in the sun
It shines so bright, it radiates through
The darkness
I have heard of your praises being sung
By the birds of your village
Oh yes, they flew this far
Just to sing of your wondrous deeds
And to tell of how the children
Stopped crying at the sound of your horn
Of how the little flowers cluttered around you
Each time you drove through the streets of Atokor
Even the statues of Savietula
Came alive with your presence in town
They'd smile and "do woez) na wo"
You were like a god on earth
For so long you graced the land
With your generosity and gentility
But not for long enough
Yet, it can't be as long as we want either And so the spirits of our good ancestors
Awakened from their rest, visited you a…


So it's another Friday and thank God for it. And we're still enjoying poems from our personality of the month, Nii Ayi Solomon.
Today's is titled "THE TRAVELER"

The Traveller
I am on a long journey A journey that has neither beginning nor end But filled with puzzles, riddles and quizzes  The ones that make the mind go blind
On that dusty road I trek With heavy questions of yesterday on my mind The intense passion  To find answers for my village Is the only hope I have kept alive
I seek for answers But not for myself For my village and the generations to come So I travel on that dusty road The road that has seen  So much blood, sweat and tears The road grave with opulent stories of our past
I am the traveller With no mother or father My origin when you think about Will leave you in a perplexing state Many were surprised at my existence But now I’m the frontrunner  Of our ancient town
I am the traveller Seeking answers Answers to questions  Our people feared to ask  When the opportunity was her…


THATEWEGIRL.COM is back from that unprecedented break that took longer than expected. We're happy to be back to serve you better.
Let us continue from where we left off with Nii Ayi Solomon the poetry personality of the month of June although it's July Today's poem is a war poem titled "AGOO"

They heard the sound of our footsteps
And they were clothed in amazement
Our arrival left tears in their eyes
Yet they gave us a royal entrance into the big house
We made it through the war

We walk to the home of our fore fathers barefooted
Not because our heads are round the bend
We come barefooted because it is tradition

Sound the drums of Gbese
Assemble at Bukom square
Come dress in your traditional clothes
For we come with good tidings

We have arrived with our war clothes decorated with gun bullets
We have arrived with the gun given to us by Numo Tete
We have arrived to tell the tales of the war

Our hands are stained with blood
So tell wontse Laryea
The pri…