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So it's another Friday and thank God for it. And we're still enjoying poems from our personality of the month, Nii Ayi Solomon.
Today's is titled "THE TRAVELER"

The Traveller

I am on a long journey
A journey that has neither beginning nor end
But filled with puzzles, riddles and quizzes 
The ones that make the mind go blind

On that dusty road I trek
With heavy questions
of yesterday on my mind
The intense passion 
To find answers for my village
Is the only hope I have kept alive

I seek for answers
But not for myself
For my village and the generations to come
So I travel on that dusty road
The road that has seen 
So much blood, sweat and tears
The road grave with opulent stories of our past

I am the traveller
With no mother or father
My origin when you think about
Will leave you in a perplexing state
Many were surprised at my existence
But now I’m the frontrunner 
Of our ancient town

I am the traveller
Seeking answers
Answers to questions 
Our people feared to ask 
When the opportunity was here
So I am searching 
Searching the four corners of the earth for answers

I am the traveller
Who travels bare footed
With no food or water
But still managed
To defeat our enemies
From that far land 
Those that took us hostage
Played on our minds
And treated us with disgust
But single-handedly I fought them
Stood the test of time
The occasion is here to liberate my village
So my journey is yet to be discovered

I am the traveller
With heavy burden at my back
The whole village awaits my findings
They want to be liberated from corruption 
From hatred
From self-pity
From dependency
From mental slavery

I am the traveller 
The one that sacrificed his life
To find answers to why his people are still poor
To why they suffer from diseases 
That can easily be cured with herbs
To why they have left their way of life 
And are now blindly following others
Who still come to our village to learn from us?

I am finding answers
To why our people desert our homes
Leave their wives and children 
In search of greener pastures else where
When our land is fertile 
To why our leaders go begging while we have abundant
To why they have to twist and turn things
To please the people from that far land
To why we have indirectly sold our rich reserves
Gold, diamond, cocoa, timber, manganese 
And now our petroleum
Under the pretext of partnership

I am the traveller
Seeking answers
To the questions of yesterday

© Nii-Ayi Solomon (The Soul Inspirer)
All Rights Reserved – 2013


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