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Hello people,

It's yet another Friday with our poetry personality of the month and today, he decides to bless women.

Enjoy this awesome piece from Hafrikan Prince titled:


A woman is the womb of the world
The wonderfulness of creation is the creation of a woman
She is a warrior, Very soft and strong, Calm and brave, Simple and caring
She is a friend not a slave, a companion not a commoner, a home not a house.

Been a woman is not a mistake and is never a curse 
You are made a woman because, you are the strength life depends on
So be proud of yourself
Appreciate yourself
Love yourself and acknowledge yourself
Because to be a woman is not easy at all

Without a woman, a man is nothing but an empty sky
The existence of man is misery
Ask history to tell you the stories of great women
Very passionate and determined
And you will understand why you need not to give up but move on

O, tell me?
What challenges again are you afraid of that is bigger than being a …


Hello there,

Growing up, I wanted to be a lot of things. I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a hairdresser, a seamstress, a Rev Sister, a nurse and list goes on.
To each profession there was a reason why I had considered it. And for a nurse, it was because of the small cute hat that they put on their head. To me it made them look so adorable and sweet. Back then, nurses were nice people and right now I'm wondering if it was because I was a child then.

These days, you'll hardly see a nurse wearing a cap, the sweet smile and having that adorable look. Why? Because they've taken it all off. If I tell you I no dey fear nurse's now, I dey lie. Their sharp tongue alone will increase your temperature. But of course, I'm talking about the bad nuts here.

So I ask, what attractive thing about you have you taken off? Maybe because of a bad experience with a situation or someone.
Is it your sweet smile, your amazing laughter, your friendliness, your playfulness, your…


Hello! It's yet another Friday!

An amazing afternoon it is. Let's enjoy lunch break with a poem from our guest of the month.

He's titled this one:


O! our heavenly Father
This is Africa, my mother land
Is time you and I
have to speak and come out
To help the poor Innocent children on the street
How could this world allow these poor children to suffer and die in diseases and pains
They are humans like you and I
Then why?

Homelessly, Hopelessly, Uselessly treated
Is very sad, unpleasant, pathetic seeing these poor innocent  children undergoing physical, social and  spiritual abuses and pressures
This is not fair

Criminality and prostitution are their only means of lively hood to keep their bodies and souls alive
These children suffer and die every second on the street
Hunger, Diseases should not deny these little stars their dreams
O! no O! no O! no........
We must care for these children on the street
 they are molested every second,
Trafficked every min…



I guess you had an amazing weekend. I'm wondering why nobody thanks God for Mondays. I mean, there's nothing like TGIM as there is TGIF... Lol

Everyone knows that a woman's first sex is painful, breaking her virginity is paainful! But do you know why it's painful?

When we buy a "tear rubber" product, what do we do to them in order to use it? As the name suggests, we tear the rubber!

Imagine you were the rubber being torn.. Ouch!
Breaking your virginity is painful because as a virgin, you're a "tear rubber" product. Your hymen that is attached to you happens to be the rubber that gets torn and voila! Sex is sweet afterwards.

Wondering what I'm driving at?? It's simple! START UPS! Start ups are a painful experience from the beginning. You'll be wondering why you're struggling to learn that new skill, why you're suffering to start up that business, why you're struggling to adapt to your new work or school schedule, …


Hello folks!
Poetry personality of the month is back again.  It started with our very own Nii Ayi Solomon but had to break due to some technical difficulties.
In this month of October, I'm featuring one of Africa's finest poets Hafrican Prince.
He is a young multi awards winner who's real name is Waheed Musah but also known as Hafrikan Prince in poetry circles. He is an industrious artist who is skillful in applying creativity and innovation in his area of performing Art.  He is a Speaker, Poet, and Dramatist, one of Africa’s finest authentic and indigenous performing Artiste, he relates his passion to his talent in the field of promoting and projecting Afro-centric initiatives. 
Motivating and empowering the younger African generations to uphold their valuable African cultures and traditions so as to maintain their identity as Africans which is essential to the development of the continent. After series of personal researches, Hafrikan Prince discovered that, many Afr…


Most Omnipotent God, inaccurate time keeper, indefatigable panel of judges, Co debaters, Ojekoo. My name is Akuvi Aguedze, #ThatEweGirl the principal and only speaker who is for the motion "God is a feminist".

Some few weeks ago we woke up... Sorry... I woke up to an interesting new topic that has gained the attention of social media users. This new topic... "FEMINISM" is actually an old topic, a very old topic, way older than almost all of including those championing it. It is a fight that has already been won in many ways.

This brings me to the point where I show my gratitude to the early advocates because without them, I wouldn't have held a pen to pen this piece of opinion down.

Let me move straight to the topic of discussion which I'll like to address in a debate form; "GOD IS A FEMINIST". I Implore you, dear reader to be the judge, MTN as my most inaccurate time keeper, to those who'll share their thoughts and opinions whether for or ag…