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Hello folks!

Poetry personality of the month is back again. 
It started with our very own Nii Ayi Solomon but had to break due to some technical difficulties.

In this month of October, I'm featuring one of Africa's finest poets Hafrican Prince.

He is a young multi awards winner who's real name is Waheed Musah but also known as Hafrikan Prince in poetry circles.
He is an industrious artist who is skillful in applying creativity and innovation in his area of performing Art. 
He is a Speaker, Poet, and Dramatist, one of Africa’s finest authentic and indigenous performing Artiste, he relates his passion to his talent in the field of promoting and projecting Afro-centric initiatives. 

Motivating and empowering the younger African generations to uphold their valuable African cultures and traditions so as to maintain their identity as Africans which is essential to the development of the continent. After series of personal researches, Hafrikan Prince discovered that, many Africans do not know their cultural roots. This African disconnection is Hafrikan Prince’s drive to use creative art through poetry, spoken word and drama as a channel to conscientize Africans about the need to preserve one’s culture as a mean of growth and development. Especially, using art to educate, entertain and motivate the public on serious issues like; the merits of cultural preservation, unification, patriotism, peace, humanitarian, volunteerism and also the dangers of corruption, poverty, and political instability; above all empowering and inspiring the youth to harness their creative talents. 

The multi-talented, creative and innovative Hafrikan Prince has distinguished himself uniquely; He is the first Ghanaian to be appointed as the General Counsel of the World Union of Poets for the whole world, and also the first Ghanaian to be appointed as the World of Union of Poets President for Africa. by Mr. Silvano Bortolazzi the knight of merit of the Italian republic (for poetry) who is also the Founder and President of the world union of poets. In addition, Hafrikan Prince has been appointed as the Chief Representative of Ghana for the World Nations Writers Union (Kazakhstan). GOKA is the first organization to organized Street Poetry for Peace festival in Ghana and Africa at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange which saw hundreds of Ghanaians and others from across the world engaging in a day’s long performance of poetry and cultural performance to promote peace, unity, tolerance and brotherhood. The only and first poetry event in Ghana to receive massive international influence and awarded a commemorative medal award from Italy.  

His brand is about empowering youth and also to advice the youth to desist from violence and antisocial activities.
Hafrikan Prince is the Founder, C.E.O and President of Hafrikan Prince Agency (an Agency that stands to promote authentic and indigenous African Art, Philosophy, Moral ethics, Wisdom and tradition) and Go Kurative Africa –GOKA (an organization dedicated to the use of creativity to solve the most pressing problems facing Africa communities and also to educate and create awareness on how creativity can eliminate poverty in Africa).

And now here is his first poem


Has taught me...... 
All the strange metaphors of forces
Especially,  metaphysical wisdom of consciousness and meditations 
And how strangely they metamorphosis 
With time and space 
Material and spirit 
Illusion and reality
Knowledge and wisdom 

I still want to know...... 

I want to know the unknown surroundings of creation 
I want to also hear the unheard voices of recreation 
I want to be able to tell the stories and histories of adventurous mysteries 
I want to discover the un-discoverable discoveries of the unknown culture of nature 
I want to be able to Spiritualize the spiritual spirit of man's existence 
To understand the spirituality of the spiritual relationship between man and nature 
Divine and wisdom 
I want to know what is hidden within hidden 
I want to know my very real self 
Because, my conscious has mystified my appearance 
My brain is encephalitis big enough 
To carry all the theories of satisfactions 
I want to know the proposals that proposed materialism to over shadows spiritualism under the journey of man's desire for position 

I want to know, what I do not know......... 
I want to understand ,  what I do not understand 
Do not confuse me....

Hafrikan Prince

I hope you loved it 
Share your thoughts in the comments section


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