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Hello! It's yet another Friday!

An amazing afternoon it is. Let's enjoy lunch break with a poem from our guest of the month.

He's titled this one:


O! our heavenly Father
This is Africa, my mother land
Is time you and I
have to speak and come out
To help the poor Innocent children on the street
How could this world allow these poor children to suffer and die in diseases and pains
They are humans like you and I
Then why?

Homelessly, Hopelessly, Uselessly treated
Is very sad, unpleasant, pathetic seeing these poor innocent  children undergoing physical, social and  spiritual abuses and pressures
This is not fair

Criminality and prostitution are their only means of lively hood to keep their bodies and souls alive
These children suffer and die every second on the street
Hunger, Diseases should not deny these little stars their dreams
O! no O! no O! no........
We must care for these children on the street
 they are molested every second,
Trafficked every minute,
Abused every hour,
Sacrificed every day,

These children,
In their teens attempt crossing the Scorching Sahara and the tempest Mediterranean
Irrespective of the hazardous and deadly encounters
Because, that is their only hope of survival
Dead or alive

What are you doing Human Right?
I am disappointed in you politicians?
What are you doing chiefs?
Disappointed in you preachers,
Disappointed in you judicial,
Disappointed parents?

O! my little stars
The streets are not your homes
You are handsome and beautiful princes and princesses
Your homes are palaces
Were all your dreams are desirable and achievable
O!  great children
Your pains are clear,
Your tears are loud,

Can't we see they are innocent and weak.
They need home, shelter and comfort,
They need you, they need me too

Look at them moving up and down
No where to go to,
No where to lay their poor heads on,
No good food to eat
O! No hope, No education, No home,
O! these poor children need us more now
They have suffered brutally too much.
People of this world let's join hands and give these poor innocent children love, comfort, and peace
The little we give out or show out can clean up their dirty dresses
Where are the politicians?
Where are the NGOs?
Where are the religious bodies?
Where are the Chiefs?
Where are the government officials?
Where are the parents?

Is time we have to care and protect these innocent poor children on the street.
I care much about these innocent children on the street
We  can give them comfort,
We  can give them a bright future,
but  why? Why? Why?
They are part of us

I cry any time I speak out the hard messages
I cry not because of the pain but because of the loss
Let's join hands and stop children from the street
And bring them back home
Your home is their home,
Your home is their home,
Show them some love and let's stop them from streeting
For they get hurt every day

Let stop it now
They need you papa,
They need you mama,
They need you brothers,
They need you sisters,
The little we have can make a beautiful beautiful difference

If you are not ready for a child,
Don't give birth to one
Birth giving is a choice today
Family planning and contraceptives are available
For your choice
Yes we can make a change

by Waheed Musah
( Hafrikan Prince)


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