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#LettersToMyCrush: NO LOVE FOR ME

Dear Crush,

How are you doing? How's life treating you? I hope the galaxies keep sending down stars of hope, faith and love to lighten up your days.

It's been a week since you last heard from me and I want to believe that you have missed me and have been in anticipation for this letter, which has fallen on Valentine's Day.

Happy vals day dear crush. Though you're far away, you're still close, residing here in my heart.

Today I want to tell you about the things I wish for, the things I imagine and how much I want to be the one in your life... But before that, I have a confession to make... I've been stalking you. Yes! You read that! I've been stalking you.

Last time, I visited your facebook profile and I couldn't help but laugh at the sight of your old pictures. I saw the little you and how innocent you looked!
Last Sunday I visited your church and I saw how beautifully you worship God. You looked mesmerizing in your outfit too.

Now let me just move on a…


Dear crush,

Have you seen how the guy in the picture is spying the lady with one eye no? Eh heh! That's how I've been spying you since.
And have you seen how the lady is doing unlooking no? Yes! That's exactly what you're doing to me

Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever turn just your eyeballs to look my way, if not both kraaa, just one eyeball p3 but obviously not, since you've locked your head at one position.
Anyway, how are you doing? I hope you're doing fine by God's grace? Well, I'm doing fine too, it's just that your unlooking causes me pain but how for do?

Well, this particular letter doesn't have much to say to you, it is to inform you that in the coming weeks, I'll be writing heartfelt letters to you. Letters that will reveal how I feel about you
Letters that will reveal the wishes I ride on for you
Letters that will reveal emotions and sometimes make you laugh or at least smile

It's unfortunate that I can't describe mysel…


None of us will ever find a perfect person because in reality no one is perfect.

What we're looking for is someone who is perfect in their imperfections. Someone who accepts their weaknesses, shortcomings and flaws and yet strives or is striving to become better versions of themselves, gradually attaining perfection, no matter how forever it may take.

What makes our imperfections perfect is the fact that we're able to turn them into something worthy of admiration and praise.

For example: You're a lazy person and that is definitely not a plus. And due to that, You always find it difficult getting out of bed early in the morning plus you are the best person at procrastination, you hardly get things done until the last minute.

But in a bid to be a better person, you had to find ways of working with and through your weakness because you realized that, you couldn't just change and become hardworking or workaholic overnight. In fact you could never become one. So you decided…


Jeffrey Nortey is an award winning Actor, TV host and spoken word artist. At last year's Ghana tertiary awards, he won the best student Actor, Tv presenter and student of the year 2017.
Some of  his many spoken word pieces are; Peace, God and Bend the knee (that was to honour sarkodie).
Today, for Floated Thoughts segment, we have the honor of spending time with him.

Akuvi: Hello Jeffrey

Jeffrey: Hi

Akuvi: Please tell us about yourself

Jeffrey: Okay... so ermm...  My name is Jeffrey Nortey. I'm an Actor, TV host and  spoken word artist. I'm a student of Jayee University, reading public relations and in level 400.

Akuvi: What are your hobbies?

Jeffrey: Hobbies... writing, acting and watching movies

Akuvi: OK. You're widely known as an actor, How and why did you start poetry?

Jeffrey: I met a guy who introduced himself as spoken word artist. I found it to be a weird craft so I asked him to send me his works to listen to them. He sent me his pieces. I listened to it. I tried my h…