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The room was tensed up with so much uncertainty and confusion. Out of anger and agitation, the desk that occupied the center of the office space had been pushed to fall on the floor and its contents scattered around the room. The small vase that beautified the table was broken to pieces and the flowers smashed.

The man who had caused all this chaos slowly went on his knees and started to gather the files and papers that had scattered around. He was shaking with so much fear and the drops of sweat that had formed on his forehead started to fall to the ground. Never in his life had he seen an angry man like what he was seeing right now. What will become of him he thought. What will people say? He was in his mofti and the shirt he wore was half soaked with sweat.

Man was hot!

Dressed in his cassock only was the Archbishop Kweku Nelson. He paced about the room that was once nicely tidied up as he kept shouting "Holy Mary" "Holy Mary" Holy Mary". His eyes were clou…


They both heard the sound of the gate opening but with difficulty. Someone was coming into the house, but who?
Efe searched the couch for the remote control but couldn't find it.

"Kobby, where's the remote?"
"It's here" he replied holding it out to his mom.

She took it, lowered the volumn of the television set, got up and walked to the window, drew the curtains and looked out

"Daddy is here" she blurted out with excitement and before she could turn back to attempt to carry her two and a half year old first fruit of love to meet her darling husband, he'd already rushed to the door to meet his loving father, who had just been able to win over the struggle of opening the gate and was walking through the gate, into his house.
With a wide smile on his face, arms open wide, he came to a halt after taking a couple of steps and waited for his son to run into his arms

"That's my boy" he started to say but before he could end his stat…