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The room was tensed up with so much uncertainty and confusion. Out of anger and agitation, the desk that occupied the center of the office space had been pushed to fall on the floor and its contents scattered around the room. The small vase that beautified the table was broken to pieces and the flowers smashed.

The man who had caused all this chaos slowly went on his knees and started to gather the files and papers that had scattered around. He was shaking with so much fear and the drops of sweat that had formed on his forehead started to fall to the ground. Never in his life had he seen an angry man like what he was seeing right now. What will become of him he thought. What will people say? He was in his mofti and the shirt he wore was half soaked with sweat.

Man was hot!

Dressed in his cassock only was the Archbishop Kweku Nelson. He paced about the room that was once nicely tidied up as he kept shouting "Holy Mary" "Holy Mary" Holy Mary". His eyes were clouded with tears that refused to fall, or were they rather being held from falling?
Why in God's name should this be happening during his term of office? Why? Why? Why? He asked himself over and over again.

Father Gideon had almost finished clearing the floor when the thunderous roar of the archbishop shook his whole body like an earthquake and left him leaving the pile of papers to fall from his grip and unto the floor again

"Will you stop collecting those things and stand on your feet"! He'd roared
With no courage to respond, he got up immediately and like a child who had been caught doing wrong, he stood with his face down and hands behind him, awaiting the final verdict on his life

Archbishop Nelson staring at the helpless priest standing before him just knew that this wasn't the best way to deal with this matter but he just couldn't help it. This was his Godson. This was a priest he'd bet his life on that he was pure and holy like God but now, look?

"How many other priests are involved in this"?

"Thirteen" Father Gideon responded in tears. He'd just broken the brother's code

"What? Thirteen?" The Bishop asked stammering
"Why on earth would thirteen good priests be going about impregnating married women at a fee? What in God's name do you use those monies for? Have you for God's sake forgotten your vows of chastity? What in the heavens is wrong with you"! He screamed at Father Gideon, throwing his hands about in desperation. He was disappointed and shocked to the marrow.

At this point, father Gideon had been pushed to the wall, slapped and broken with accusations and shaming and he wasn't going to take it anymore.
He lifted his head, let his hands fall by his sides, straightened up and took two steps closer to the calmest Archbishop who was now the wildest beast he'd ever seen.

Slowly he repeated all the questions the Archbishop had asked.
"Why on earth would thirteen good priests be going about impregnating married women at a fee? What in God's name do we use those monies for? Have we for God's sake forgotten our vows of chastity? What in the heavens is wrong with us?" he ended, throwing his hands up in the air.

"Well, let me tell you" he continued, this time raising his voice and almost shouting.
"While the church coffers grows fat in bank accounts and investment banks, many of our church members grow lean, lacking even the basic necessities of life.
While the church continues to put up edifices upon edifices, many of our church members languish in poverty with little or no help from anyone
Whiles the church coffers remains highly untouchable, these people come to us, begging and crying for help. They stick to us like leaches, and like Jacob, they'll not go until we've taken care of them
And while capable members of the church refuse to help these people simply because they don't trust them  or they aren't in the same society with them, these poverty stricken people who are struggling to live a life through no fault of theirs, come calling on their fellow poor priests who have no means of income. Some rich folks even say that since they struggled to make their money, others should struggle too". He ended whiles wiping the tears off his face with his palms.

At this moment, the Archbishop sat on the floor and wept, remembering how he had to steal three quarters of the church money to help some less privileged church members when he was a parish priest in his early years. He was at his lowest, shedding uncontrollable tears.

"Bishop, I know this is too gross and I know that if whoever is threatening to leak the tapes carry out his/her threat, the church is doomed". Father Gideon said kneeling down before the Archbishop
"Allow me fix this by confessing to the congregation on Sunday" he continued as tears freely flowed down his cheeks.



  1. hmmmmm.... paradox of the religion ... its got a strong statement... there's a lot that has to be done than just the erection of towering edifices. the church is the poeple of God and not the the lifeless and soul-less buildings... well said dear


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