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#InTheLandOfImaginations: WHAT GOD TOOK FROM ME

Efe spun around in her room, as she looked at how beautiful she looked in her dress. She'd carefully chosen this orange circle dress just to look her best. Orange was Ebo's favourite colour and it will suit the occasion best she thought.

She paused... Something was missing... She stood still carefully scrutinizing her look, trying to figure out what was missing... She folded her arms across her chest and tapped her lips with her right index finger... "Ah haaa!" she finally let out.. She needed a necklace and she knew just which one to wear. She'd wear the one Ebo bought her on her last birthday.

She took the clothes off, took her towel and dashed into the bathroom. As she bathed she thought about Ebo, about her and about them.
They grew up together in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools even up to the University. Everyone, including her knew how a perfect match they both were for each other, but the problem was, Ebo didn't seem to see it. She'd push every guy away, with the hope that Ebo will surely come around.. She'd waited and waited and waited, waited hopefully for all these years and finally, for the first time, Ebo had asked her out on a date.

"God you're so good, God you're kind, God you're wonderful, my God you're excellent" she heard herself singing as she opened the shower to rinse the soap off her body.

In about 20 minutes she was done. Staring at how perfect she looked in the mirror. Today is definitely going to be a memorable day, she thought. Then a call came through, it was the uber driver.
"See you later mom" she shouted her goodbye as she dashed out.

In 30 minutes, she was walking into the restaurant, but before she could pick up her phone to call Ebo, he walked up to her and led her to their table.
"You look amazing Efe"
"Thank you. You smell mesmerizing too"
They both laughed

Seated, they placed their orders, which arrived almost immediately. They ate amidst talking and laughing.

"This is just perfect" Efe thought, as she rubbed her middle finger, as if preparing it for a ring
Ebo smiled at her. He'd never smiled so affectionately,  she noticed.

"Efe" she mentioned her name whiles holding her left hand


"I'm grateful to God for you. I can't imagine what life would have been like without you in it. You've been my ride or die...

"bitch" they said in unison, laughing so hard, it caused a few heads to turn

"We should watch that movie again"
"Hahahahaha Efe, you know you'll cry again"

"Mmai! I won't cry biaa"

"Back to what I was saying Efe.. I love you. I always have"

"And I've always known. What took you so long Ebo?"

"A lot Efe. A lot."


"For a long time I've had this desire. It's been burning in me and confusing me about how I feel towards you"

"What desire?"

"I think God is calling me"

"Calling you? How?"

"I'm going to the seminary Efe"

"What? You want to be a priest??


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