Hey, there!

I told you that, I'll sit with the moon, stars and breeze to tell soothing tales to refresh your soul.
Meet my moon, stars and breeze. The wonderful people who have volunteered to contribute to make this place a place of no return.

I'll start with Godwin Delali Adadzie.

When God made angels and asked them to stay in heaven to worship Him, out of His loving kindness, He asked some of them to come to earth to reach out to people and make their lives better.
And Delali, as His name even suggests is one of such angels, "My redeemer lives" is my Administrator.

The second person is Elsie Natalie.
She's a revolutionist who believes in the course to unleash and harness the hidden talents and purpose of people and also to divulge the hidden truth of life blinded by the mind's eye.
A critical analyst, persistent preacher and advocate of life's drills and trials, environmental influences, social trivial issues, the course of nature and  revelations that intrigues the mind through the manipulation of words to magnify inspiration.
Summarily, she's a highly spirited and self motivated girl who strongly believes "words can inspire the world"

The third person is Gabla Godwin

Gabla Godwin is a young literary enthusiast who finds writing as the basic unit of his very living. He has diversified talents in poetry, drama and prose. He is a lover of nature and has a knack for details. Currently, a final year teacher Trainee, Godwin passionately called by both fanatics and friends as GGABLA, is the author of a novel dubbed 'DOOM'S DAWN: A TALE OF A CULTIST'. He has been featured in several literary magazines and poetry anthologies both internationally and locally.

Last but not least is Kwabena Isaac Nyamekye Gyamfi (KING).
A university of Ghana level 300 student of Information studies
A talkative born of Art
Grown to listen to the deep root of words divine
His words are by hearts inspired trough Love and Life. Nature is his mother. Mystery is his  Father.

Together, we'll create a whole new world for you with words knitted and woven into intricate designs of creativity, a world of fun and learning
Come aboard, let's journey through the galaxy together 😊 and orbit around the sun...

ThatEweGirl, Akuvi Aguedze