I saw you smile from afar
My shadow even enjoys seeing you pass
I wish the door to your house would always open ajar
So that you would always see me pass
You are like the chameleon
Or is it my eyes which can't always withstand your look?
It seems i always see you different
Your beauty combines ancient and recent

I desired you since time immemorial
Long before my dad's burrial
Why are my actions not speaking for me?
You still cannot read me
I want to believe it is pretence
But remeber i will be at your defence
The love i give you is divine
Prepare, join my family in our wine

I have no taste for anyone
You are natural; God giving love for me not anyone
You are a blessing
I am the lucky corn in the field that receive abundant rainfall
Within my heart there is choral singing
Full of excitement when i hear you calling
You are the one i desired
And now you are the one i possess

©Ralph Amore