Death, oh you death
You shameless and unrepentant vagabond
Running around choosing who to devour
Who to lay your icy cold fingers on
Who to suffocate with a cold malicious hug

Death, oh you death
Turning a deaf ear to those who long to be in your bosom
To those who crave for you with the same cravings of a pregnant woman
But rather choosing to rip apart the souls from the bodies that want you not

Death, oh you death
You gracious and wonderful gift
Worthy of praise and gratitude
You who brings into newness an old life
You through whom treasures are birthed
You through whom new life is unearthed

Death, oh you death
Without whom the seed will not sprout
Not to talk of blossoming to become a tree
A tree that gives shade, shelters and provides
You through whom ressurection is guaranteed

Death, oh you death
I want to die
Come lay your icy hands of troubles on me
Hug me tight in your cold bosom of sorrow
Do not turn a deaf ear to my call
Come, satisfy my cravings for lessons of you

Death, oh you death
Do to me what you do to a seed
Tear me apart, rip me apart
Let me rot in challenges so I can sprout in experience
Sprout not into a weed but a tree
Into a beautiful tree I want to turn
And in my talents blossom endlessly

Death oh you death
I want to die in order to rise
I want to rot in order to grow
Let me die so I can resurrect
With many lessons and experiences from the life before

©Akuvi Aguedze