What do you say it is?
Is it the feeling of butterflies that flutter by in your stomach
Leaving you almost helpless?

What do you say it is?
Is it the feeling of your heart constantly missing a beat
Whiles going on a race alone
Leaving you almost breathless?

What do you say it?
Is it that moment where you're frozen, stunned, astonished, perplexed and unbelievably lost
In thoughts of him or her?

What do you say it is?
Is it that moment where your brain shuts down
Not knowing what is right or wrong
Whether to turn left or go on ahead
Where you're lost and just don't know what to do or say?

What is love?
Love is as wild as the ocean waves and tides
Yet as gentle as the breeze that whistles at night time

Love is sweet music
Composed from the rhythmic beats of the lovers hearts
And the silent breaths from their noses and soft moans from their mouths that touch each time they kiss

love is jealous yet trusts
Love is selfish yet generous
Love may lose faith yet remains hopeful
Love is that bare fertile ground with nothing
Until you make it a garden or a meadow of whatever you sow

Kindness, humility, loyalty and most importantly Patience.
These you should have to turn your love into a beautiful garden or meadow
And just in case you forget, look into the mirror and you'll find love staring back at you.
For whatever you are, is what your love will be

©Akuvi Aguedze