It is as if the heavens have opened up
In years I now have a cup of tea
Strives, hustles and disappointments
Hatred, backbiting, dirty plots, evil engagements
Who deserves the praise?

Daddy! Which God did you serve?
And now we live like this
Did our God forsake us?
Or He has now shone His light on us?
Tell me, who deserves the praise?

Mommy strived like any other man
She worked hard for all of us, not only one
With just a blink, divine intervention
I must know the one who deserves the praise

Tell me He is immortal
He has seen our lives as vital
He has made us a living testimony
What He has done can’t be purchase with money
I am getting the deserved being for the praise

He purchased us with His blood
Atoned for our sins, for all those who are bad
I love His promise for me which is immortality
Nothing supersedes His vitality
Indeed! Christ deserves it

©Ralph Amore