To start with, I've always been a lover of write ups; poems, stories, inspirational messages etc. And i've always loved to write too. When i was younger, i wrote a lot, mostly on emotions especially love and i always wondered when i'd write about something different like societal issues, religious topics etc.
As i grew older, i learnt about individual gifts and thought that, maybe to write solely on emotions was my gift. Honestly, its not as if i had tried to write on something different before coming to that conclusion.
Just recently, i decided to write on child marriage and from the numerous feedbacks i got, that poem was pretty good...ideal i must say (not to blow my own horn tho). Then i learnt that, you never really know you can't do something until you try it.
You never really know you can't be good at that subject weighing you down until you try to make it a goal to work at.
You never really know you can start your own business until you try to start it.
You never really know you can publish a book until you try to write one.
You never really know you can do so many things until you try to do them.
The month has already began, the clock is ticking fast, don't wait any longer, don't get stucked with the one thing you good at, try something new, something different, something challenging, something worth trying.
And always remember: GOD_FIRST

©Akuvi Aguedze