Arise and behold the future
Like an opened door
It remains ajar
With open arms
It receives

In it rests newness
In it is new beginnings
In it lies opportunities
In it is satisfaction

A room does not walk to you
Even the bed that gives you comfort
If not walked to remains empty

It is amazing how we can easily get into the comfort zone of now
But cannot get into the comfort zone of future
Hard work is difficult but pays off
Comfort is easy but costs you

Where ever you get the strength from to walk to your bed to sleep
Go get it from there and get to work for your future.

Too many wishes
Too many day dreaming
Yet no efforts
To make them happen

Fairy tales are not for the human world
So cut the wishes and day dreams
Hoping for a magic wand to wave them into reality?
Even that wouldn't last
They'll vanish by midnight

Don't Just sit there and look longingly into the future
Arise and walk into it with hard work

Start doing that project you've always wanted to do
Start sitting up to learn for the First Class you've been dreaming of
That book you wanna write?
A page a day will do

That bad habit you want to stop?
Go on, you can do it. Just Stop

Look, like an empty room
With the door opened ajar
The future is
Walk into it
Paint it beautifully
Furnish it gracefully

And while you replace today's comfort with hard work for tomorrow's comfort
Remember that, you don't look into the Future
You rise and and get into it

©Akuvi Aguedze


  1. I'm in love with your writings 😍 wow God bless you ok