Yeeeyy!!! Thank God it's Friday! Let the fun begin here with Nii Ayi Solomon, our poetry personality of the month. For the month of June, we'll be enjoying some poems from him every Friday on FLOATED THOUGHTS.

Biographical Information

Nii Ayi Solomon lives in Accra, Ghana and is a published Poet and playwright. He uses his form of poetry to tell the story of the African and how unique they are. His poems have been published in web hosting literary magazines some of which include the U.K Poetry Library, Kalahari Review in Botswana, just to mention a few.

Some of his plays include the love of Mamavi, Homeless and the Barber and the Apprentice.

He is the Creative Director at Village Minds Production, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) and an HND in Tourism from the Cape Coast Technical University. He is a firm believer of excellence and currently working on his novel.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Nii Ayi Solomon
Twitter: @papahnii
Instagram: Niisol

First poem for the month is titled; SHE IS MY WOMAN, Not YET

I saw her colorful future
A glorious light of heavenly bliss
She is a daughter of earth
Beauty is not beauty
Beauty is the one brewed from the pot of Asha
Ohemaa, my African empress fully clad with splendor
She makes me feel powerful and powerless

Words come quick
Talk is cheap
Life is short
But she is hot
History is alive in her

My mind harbors a secret archive of her beauty
It’s the mirror that reflects me
I see my future in her
God created her with me in mind

You see, it’s not magic that binds us
Its pure love and passion
I believe in miracles
She is miracle

So if love had poetic lines and vibes
I will be that poet that scribbles them
That poet that expresses my fondness for an African empress
I call her Ohemaa
Her beauty hidden from men
But to the glaring view of my naked eyes
I have got a woman
I hope she finds me

©Nii Ayi Solomon