My eyes never enjoyed your sight
My nose did not smell you for once
My tongue did not taste you
Nor did my ears hear your voice
My hands? They never felt your warmth
But I have seen your glory in the sun
It shines so bright, it radiates through
The darkness
I have heard of your praises being sung
By the birds of your village
Oh yes, they flew this far
Just to sing of your wondrous deeds
And to tell of how the children
Stopped crying at the sound of your horn
Of how the little flowers cluttered around you
Each time you drove through the streets of Atokor
Even the statues of Savietula
Came alive with your presence in town
They'd smile and "do woez) na wo"
You were like a god on earth
For so long you graced the land
With your generosity and gentility
But not for long enough
Yet, it can't be as long as we want either
And so the spirits of our good ancestors
Awakened from their rest, visited you and said to you
"Dumega Raymond Okujeto wo game su"
Come let us go, it is time for you to rest
It is time for us to take over
And with that you took a bow
At the dawn of the break of a new day
I waited on my tsatsa ba
Coiled up like a shrimp
I waited and waited
I waited for the sweet melodious tunes of the birds
I waited to hear of your praises to be chirped
With the rhythm of the dawn breeze
But I did not hear it
So I turned my direction towards my window
I waited for the sun rays of your glory to shine on my face
Laying flat on my back, with my head
Resting on my folded hands I waited in anticipation
I waited and waited
I waited for the glorious rays of the sunshine to fall on my face
But I did not feel it
Then it dawned on me
You must have departed
You must have left the face of the earth
You must have rowed the boat to the other side of the river
Where our fathers of old dwell in peace
You must have left to join them
Dumega Raymond Okujeto
We did not wish that you'll leave us this soon
But Mawu who is "afishiafi n)la" knows best
Let the wind blow across the river
And send the message to the spirits
The message of our gratitude
For coming to live in our midst through you
Let the drums roll
And Let the 24 gun salute be shot
Announcing your departure to the other side
From now, you'll be known as the gone god
Dumega Raymond Okujeto hedenyui
©Akuvi Aguedze