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Let us continue from where we left off with Nii Ayi Solomon the poetry personality of the month of June although it's July
Today's poem is a war poem titled "AGOO"

They heard the sound of our footsteps
And they were clothed in amazement
Our arrival left tears in their eyes
Yet they gave us a royal entrance into the big house
We made it through the war

We walk to the home of our fore fathers barefooted
Not because our heads are round the bend
We come barefooted because it is tradition

Sound the drums of Gbese
Assemble at Bukom square
Come dress in your traditional clothes
For we come with good tidings

We have arrived with our war clothes decorated with gun bullets
We have arrived with the gun given to us by Numo Tete
We have arrived to tell the tales of the war

Our hands are stained with blood
So tell wontse Laryea
The priest of the shrine at Sakumo Tsoshishi
To boil herbs from the pots of Yoomo Yarley
To purify us from innocent lives we might have taken
Tell him to prepare concoctions from the neem tree for us to drink
To cleanse our thoughts from the flashbacks of yesterday

Sing songs of praise
Songs sung by our fore bearers
Songs to our brothers and sisters
That died during the war
Songs to those that survived the war
For we have seen so much blood
We saw our brothers die like ants
But the gods were with us
As the brutal fight intensified

We gathered like ants to fight the big monster
We emerged
We took over
And we conquered

Let the beautiful women of our town rally around Bukom square
Let them sing songs chanted by our ancient warriors
Let them invoke the spirits of our ancestors
For we have made it home

Tell Addotse to break the kola nut
And let him to serve us with ngbedah
Inform Mansa to tell Mana that Numo Tete should prepare our farm lands
Let him sharpen our hoes and cutlasses
For the war is over
Man must live

We have arrived from the land of no return
With our batakari’s heavily decorated with gun bullets
We have arrived to tell our story to the world
We have arrived to the home of our ancestors
The land of our birth
© Nii-Ayi Solomon