Emefa laid on her bed, sad,  very sad. Tears filled her eyes but she tried very hard not to cry. She didn't ever think that her relationship will suddenly turn sour.
She didn't think that a day will come when Randy will change and act the way he was acting; remembering how a day never went by without hearing from him at least 3 to 6 times but now, a week could go by without hearing from him, because he neither calls nor picks up her calls.
She turned on her side, and a tear slid down, across the bridge of her nose unto her pillow. She started to pray the rosary silently and soon drifted off to sleep.

"Borla, borla, borla, borla"....... The garbage collectors shouted

Emefa woke up startled, she checked the time, it was half past 5 and realizing she'd over slept, she rushed out of her bedroom, into the bathroom.
Either few minutes, she run out naked, forgetting to put on her nightgown, since she didn't take her towel along, only to meet her brother half way. He stood there laughing and wouldn't let her go

"Fiifi get out of my way, I'm running late" she screamed

"Fiifi, gittout of mmy wae" he mimicked in between his teeth with his eyes closed. But before he could open them, he'd been blessed with a hot morning slap.

He immediately gave way and stood there stupefied. He didn't anticipate that reaction
"Stupid boy" Emefa murmured and walked hurriedly into her room to get dressed.
In less than 30 minutes, she walked out of the house looking radiant and stunning. No one could tell she'd cried the night before.
She stopped a taxi, hopped in and before long, she was at work, just in time to avoid her annoying boss
To be continued...