Episode 3

Soon, the day was nearly over and it was time to go home.
She began to clear her desk and pack her stuff into her bag, as she did so, she realized how much peace she'd enjoyed the whole day.

Luckily, she experienced none of the usual drama she's had to be going through at work, ever since her boss proposed to her.
She'd experienced so much peace and felt way better than the day and night before.
Then she remembered that she'd prayed the rosary the night before through her tears, there and then, she promised herself to make it a habit.

With a broad smile on her face, she put the last item in her bag, closed it gently, lifted it off the table, hanged it on her arm and walked out of the office.
Just then, her phone rang, and she wondered why on earth her phone will ring after she'd closed her bag.

With a little frustration, she slowly opened her bag and took out her phone....... Guess who it was? Randy!

For a while, she contemplated on whether to answer the phone or not, considering the fact that she didn't want to trade her peace for war.

As Randy kept calling, she decided that the only person she could control was herself, so she'll pick up anyway but if there was any temptation to fight or quarrel, she'll just hang up.

"Hey Randy" she said

To be continued....