"Hey" Randy responded

For a while, she kept the phone to her ear and listened. She listened so keenly that she almost had no certain expression on her face
Suddenly, the phone fell from her grip. She stood there frozen from what she'd just heard.

Efe, the colleague she hated walked out of the office to go home too, she got a bit frightened seeing Emefa frozen with tears running down her cheeks. She stood there for a while, then she called her three times;

Emefa! Emefa!! Emefa!!! But there was no response. As she turned to leave, Emefa's bag fell. Efe walked closer and lifted the bag off the ground, then she spotted her phone too, she picked it up but before she could stand up straight to hand them over to her, she saw her walking like a zombie towards the gate.

Efe run to her and held her hand but the reaction was so unexpected that, it threw her off balance.
Emefa had screamed so loudly and thrown herself to the ground. She started to cry profusely while she asked herself;
"Oh God, why me?"

Efe sat on the ground and pulled her to herself, hugged her tightly and allowed her to cry, even as she whispered "it is alright" in her ears.

Just then Kukua walked in, surprised that Efe and Emefa were in such a friendly state, rushed to them but Emefa seeing her get close, got up and shouted;

"Stay away from me Kukua!
"How could you do this to your best friend?" she asked amidst tears
"What did I ever do to you Kukua?"

"What is going on?" Efe asked

"She's getting married to my boyfriend in two weeks" Emefa answered

"Whaaaaatt! Your own best friend?" Efe screamed out in shock

In that instant, there was a loud knock and Emefa woke up from her sleep, she looked at her watch, it was half past six.
Then she screamed saying;

"I asked you to wake me up at five!"

The end.