Hello people,

It's yet another Friday with our poetry personality of the month and today, he decides to bless women.

Enjoy this awesome piece from Hafrikan Prince titled:


A woman is the womb of the world
The wonderfulness of creation is the creation of a woman
She is a warrior, Very soft and strong, Calm and brave, Simple and caring
She is a friend not a slave, a companion not a commoner, a home not a house.

Been a woman is not a mistake and is never a curse 
You are made a woman because, you are the strength life depends on
So be proud of yourself
Appreciate yourself
Love yourself and acknowledge yourself
Because to be a woman is not easy at all

Without a woman, a man is nothing but an empty sky
The existence of man is misery
Ask history to tell you the stories of great women
Very passionate and determined
And you will understand why you need not to give up but move on

O, tell me?
What challenges again are you afraid of that is bigger than being a woman
What challenges again are you afraid of that is assaulting than being a wife
What challenges again are you afraid of that is scarier than pregnancy
What challenges again are you afraid of that is tedious than raisng a child
What challenges again are you afraid of, you have conquered everything
Because you are a woman

The world is yours, style it, 
Never surrender
Don’t give up
Please don’t tear yourself up with fears
Turn your downs up
And damn the impossible notion that keeps inflicting you with pains

Stop fighting your imaginations and say no to self-destruction
Stop polluting your souls with sorrows
Life is simple and beautiful
When you think right and act right
Happiness is free
If you free your mind

Love is good if you grace your heart with true
Depression is destruction
Say no to it
So don’t let anything enslave your happiness
Break through
Is time to say no and move
Is time to kill the fears
You are a dreamer, dream
And achiever, achieve
That is why is you are made a woman. 

  By Hafrikan Prince