I guess you had an amazing weekend. I'm wondering why nobody thanks God for Mondays. I mean, there's nothing like TGIM as there is TGIF... Lol

Everyone knows that a woman's first sex is painful, breaking her virginity is paainful! But do you know why it's painful?

When we buy a "tear rubber" product, what do we do to them in order to use it? As the name suggests, we tear the rubber!

Imagine you were the rubber being torn.. Ouch!
Breaking your virginity is painful because as a virgin, you're a "tear rubber" product. Your hymen that is attached to you happens to be the rubber that gets torn and voila! Sex is sweet afterwards.

Wondering what I'm driving at?? It's simple! START UPS! Start ups are a painful experience from the beginning. You'll be wondering why you're struggling to learn that new skill, why you're suffering to start up that business, why you're struggling to adapt to your new work or school schedule, why reorganizing your life is a struggle.

You wanna know why? It's because it's not something you're used to doing, it's not something you've done before, it's something you've just started to do and so the beginning is sure to be painful, stressful, doubtful with all the "I want to give up", "I'm tired so soon", like don't think I can't do this anymore", "I'm fed up" etc

If you're sexually active or you've read about sex or you simply know something about it, you surely aware that sex is sweet, amazing but you remember or know that it was painful at the beginning? So for those who are sexually active, what motivated them/you to get used to the pain and later enjoy the pleasure? I bet it is knowing that the pain ain't gonna last forever right?

Forget about the pain, stress, struggle, that you're going through with your start ups, with your new life. Think about the joy, satisfaction, the fulfillment, that light at the end of the tunnel and push forward.

Breaking your virginity is painful but in the end, sex is sweet.

PS: sex is for marriage
Have a successful week!