"If they had a gun to your head, waiting to shoot you for declaring that the Catholic Church is the one true church of Christ, will you declare it?"
"I don't know" I said

I don't know because I've never thought about it but now, I've been given the reason to think about it and arrive at a decision.

The president's answer may not have been appropriate simply because he couldn't stand up to declare what the majority believes in.
It may be appropriate because he had the minority in mind.
And in addition, he's open the door for it's discussion and thorough thinking in order to arrive at a decision

The issue of homosexuality and it's legalization is an issue that hasn't been talked about as much as feminism is spoken about. With the president's answer, it has opened the door for it's discussion, which is the first step of communicating a possible policy and arriving at a yes or no decision.

The world is fast evolving. Ideas, opinions, principles, values and beliefs are evolving too. A lot has changed over the past centuries. Twins have gained the right to live, albinos have gained their freedom, women are on the rise.

Now homosexuals too. How about them?

The issue brings us to keeping our culture as Africans. And as Africans, the topic or the idea is an abomination. But how about other African cultures that have been scraped off? Like tribal marks, FGM, widowhood rights, polygamy etc

Why did we allow it to be taken away? Simple! Because it is barbaric. Did we know? Did we think so? No. It is what we were told and we couldn't defend it, we couldn't prove that it isn't.
African culture and morality has been greatly affected with the invasion of the whites ideas, beliefs and opinions, so much that premarital sex is good as long you're doing it with one person at a time.

We lost a lot of our culture because we couldn't stand up to the whites, because we couldn't defend it, because we couldn't prove that it was beautiful.
Truth, some of them like FGM and tribal marks are barbaric.

In Africa, the majority will not allow the legalization of homosexuality simply because it is not what we as Africans believe in, not to talk of the fact that the foreign religions we practice are against it too. In this light, whoever stands on behalf of any group of Africans must stand for their beliefs too and should not leave room for any negative invasions

If we want to talk about the fact that it is someone's choice and should be allowed to live it because they aren't hurting anyone, fine. Then if a group of people decide to mark themselves for identification, don't stop them, is it your face? If a group of people decide to remove their women's clitoris, let them be, is it your clitoris?

But no. We can't allow it, because you never know who your family member, be it sister, brother etc may fall in love with, may befriend, may get acquainted to and in the process get negatively influenced or be affected by the "barbaric" culture of another group.

If we truly want to help homosexuals as we claim, then the best we can do is to make them aware that, we the majority cannot legalize their actions but we can help them out of it. Let us make them understand that homosexuality isn't a good practice health wise and socially. Let us make them know that, those who approved  are on a mission to destroy them, to take away their true identity. Let them know that they can be better than that and that nobody was made so.
Let them know that the west illegalizes our cultures just for us to accept theirs. Let them know that if they're accepted in the west, it's not because of who they truly are, it is because of what they have become- homosexuals.

And if any of us get the chance to represent Africans. Let us do it well, standing up straight for what we believe in. Enough has been taken away already.


  1. This is simply lovely, really admirable and commendable. Your thoughts are so neutral I thought I was the only who had such ideas. Thumbs up my lady, you do all.

  2. i generally agree with the thought but the matter is still very sensitive... great observation though