Today, after going back to finish the six panelled slit, I had put down for weeks out of frustration, my next assignment was to make "gathers" for a dress. You should have been there to see how frustrating it was.

I had to make two rows of machine stitches along the edges of a two yard cloth. Before I put the cloth through the machine, I checked my bobin to see if the thread was going to finish soon and realizing that it was, I lifted my head up to take the thread out, and voila! There was a bobin full of thread of the same color I was using. So the lazy me just replaced the almost finished one with the one I had found.

The beginning of my woes.
The first row went well, really well. So I proceeded to the next one, I stiched all the way to the middle and the thread got torn. The thing about making gathers is that, once the thread gets torn, you'll have to take out the stitches and make a new one. So, I patiently did that and started again. For the next 30 minutes, I struggled with it, because the thread kept getting torn

I went blank. Frustrated. I didn't know what else to do.
Then I saw the previous bobin giving me a "it serves you right" look. I didn't think twice. I just picked it and put it back to where it belonged, taking the other one out. I put the cloth through the machine and as I stiched, I prayed that the thread on the bobin will take me till the end of the cloth and it did! No tearing! What a relief!

As I sat down to observe how it was joined to a dress, my mind spoke to me.
Many a time, we want the easy way out of situations and circumstances. We want to take a short cut to reach a destination that needs no short cuts. We hate to struggle, we hate to work harder.
Many a time, we abandon the very things that we need because we found something seemingly better. We follow and listen to the wrong people because the good ones don't say what we want to hear.
Many a time, we take the unrighteous route, the wrong path, because the righteous path looked too rough, or because it is difficult to travel on.

Need I say more? I'll talk about the six panelled slit.
The six panelled slit is quite difficult to sew compared to an eight or four panelled slit, it could be frustrating for a learner. When my Madam realized I was struggling, she said "just throw it somewhere and do something else. You can get back to it later"
And after three weeks, I did get back to it. I completed it with ease, with renewed zeal. I didn't have to forget about finishing up because it was difficult. I didn't have to move to learn another slit style that could be easier because that one is difficult. No!

What's the link? Here it is
Next time you want to find an easier way out of a situation or circumstance, just because you're tired of walking the difficult path, you could take a break or go slow. But never ever replace the bobin! Never change the style! Don't abandon! Just take a break or go slow.

Happy New Month!!!