It was a very sunny day. Laziness had engulfed my whole being. Yet, I still made my way to the sewing shop, as I had promised myself to do, no matter what.
As usual, she was there before me. After greeting her and settling down to do what I had to do for the day, suddenly it was past noon and we both were famished.
I went to get us Kofi brokeman (grilled plantain with groundnuts) and water to wash it down. That had become our afternoon meal almost without a choice. As usual, we had a conversation as we ate.

My Madam had suffered untold hardships for most part of her life. From going a whole day without food, walking miles from home to the shop she was an apprentice at and back mostly on an empty stomach, getting soaked in rains of insults from her sharp tongue Madam and many more unfortunate incidents.

"Hmm Senam, 3to dabi kraa a, na mep3s3 megyae" (sometimes, she'll want to quit) but she didn't. Because she believed that the end was going to be beautiful. The name of her shop says it all "3y3 Ewurade na ay3". And that was the... Eeerrrmm..... I've lost count of the number of times she narrates her success story but at the end of it all, one thing she keeps saying is, "DON'T EVER QUIT" in life because problems or challenges will always be there. If you quit one thing because of challenges, it doesn't mean that life's challenges have ended.

Friends, when problems in your life come like a non stop rain, remember that God is not your umbrella, he is your life jacket to save you from the flood that may occure
Because the rain will beat you,  it will have to beat you, to teach you to be strong, to teach you to be immune to it and rather enjoy the cold tender touch of each drop of rain.
You could bring out your tongue and taste it, you could play in the puddles that will form, splashing water all around you.
You could learn to be happy in the rain knowing that if a flood occurs, God is your life jacket

And whenever you feel like quitting, quit tomorrow. It is the only thing you have permission to postpone and eventually never get done.