Hey there! I'm not using WhatsApp. Lol
It's a new week people, didn't start well for me though and I know I'm not alone, to some of you, it didn't start well either. But you know what? You're not alone and I promise you that, if only you believe and have faith, even before the week ends, you'll be praying that it shouldn't, because it would have turned around to be going great for you.

Let's get down to business, shall we?
A few weeks ago, I posted a facebook status update saying "the devil isn't lazy, why should you be?" and someone left a comment saying "so now the devil has become a role model" and my answer was "yes".

There's a saying that, when life throws lemons at you, you make lemonade. This tells us that, we can actually turn challenges into successes right? So why can't we do a similar thing with the enemy, the devil??

Do you realize that God created the devil? (as an angel of course) Do you also realize that it means he has good qualities or characteristics from God? The problem is, he uses those good qualities for the wrong things. So how about we learn those good qualities and use them for the right things??  Something similar to making lemonade out of lemons right?

So I interviewed few of my friends and this is what I came up with;

1. COURAGE: Mr. Devil is a very courageous man you know. That is why he can attempt to attack a very anointed man of God. The Bible tells us that, we have been given the power to trample on snakes and powers of darkness. It also the tells us that, we have not been given the spirit of timidity but rather the spirit of courage and of sound mind. Mr. Devil, very much aware of all these defences and high security still attacks you as a believer. So what stops you from being courageous? Or you don't know that He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world? You can see the "he" as the challenges and difficulties in your world of business, academics etc. Find the courage to face your fears like the devil faces and attacks believers

2. DETERMINATION AND PERSEVERANCE: I added these two because  you persevere only when you're determined. If you're not determined, there's no way you'll persevere. What are you persevering for when you're not determined to reach somewhere??
Mr. Devil's determination to populate hell is what makes him persevere in getting believers to fall for his tricks and into temptations. Hello? He tempted Jesus three times and went on a break to come back again. If it's not determination and perseverance, I'll love to know what it is.
When you persevere, it means you don't give up until you've reached your destination. Have you realized the devil never gives up? He keeps pushing till he gets what he wants, and after he gets it, he does everything to keep it.
Persevere through your difficulties and challenges and be determined to reach your goals.

3. SMART: The devil is smart. He uses his brains. He doesn't just do things, he plans on how to accomplish his aims with various tricks and tactics. He learns the things that excite his targets and uses those things to cause their downfalls. He knows he doesn't have time, so he comes up with different ways everytime to accomplish his aims of making believers fall into temptations.(talk of innovation). He applies various ways and means to bring a believer down. Dear friend, be smart in your endeavors

4. PATIENCE: If anyone tells you the devil doesn't have patience, the person has lied to you. The fact that impatience is an evil fruit doesn't mean the devil bears it (he could bear it though). The devil has the patience to wait for you to fall in the traps he sets, that is why he wouldn't give up on tempting you. Have you realized that everytime you overcome a temptation, there's another one that comes your way? And most often than not, you fall. He knows that all he needs is a little patience. He has the patience to wait for you to fall into one of his traps.
In life, most of the things we want to accomplish take time, without patience, we wouldn't be able to wait and eventually, we'll settle for less. Be patient!

5. HARDWORKING: This we all know. The devil is like a hungry lion, seeking whom to destroy. He doesn't stop working to get who to destroy, he's always working. Working as hard as God is working to protect you and me from him.
Be hardworking.