Dear crush,

Have you seen how the guy in the picture is spying the lady with one eye no? Eh heh! That's how I've been spying you since.
And have you seen how the lady is doing unlooking no? Yes! That's exactly what you're doing to me

Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever turn just your eyeballs to look my way, if not both kraaa, just one eyeball p3 but obviously not, since you've locked your head at one position.
Anyway, how are you doing? I hope you're doing fine by God's grace? Well, I'm doing fine too, it's just that your unlooking causes me pain but how for do?

Well, this particular letter doesn't have much to say to you, it is to inform you that in the coming weeks, I'll be writing heartfelt letters to you. Letters that will reveal how I feel about you
Letters that will reveal the wishes I ride on for you
Letters that will reveal emotions and sometimes make you laugh or at least smile

It's unfortunate that I can't describe myself to you nor tell you my name because I'd like to remain anonymous and so will you. So for the purpose of these letters, I'll address you as crush and you'll address me as crushee.

And so dear crush, until you receive my next letter, stay strong, stay healthy and stay safe ( Because I can't afford to lose you under any circumstances)

Yours truly,


  1. I know it's me you're writing to. Code broken❤😂😍

  2. while i read, i smiled... i thought i was lucky, then another arrogated to himself the chosen one...where do i belong...hmmmmm... i just fall for water inside like skolom