None of us will ever find a perfect person because in reality no one is perfect.

What we're looking for is someone who is perfect in their imperfections. Someone who accepts their weaknesses, shortcomings and flaws and yet strives or is striving to become better versions of themselves, gradually attaining perfection, no matter how forever it may take.

What makes our imperfections perfect is the fact that we're able to turn them into something worthy of admiration and praise.

For example: You're a lazy person and that is definitely not a plus. And due to that, You always find it difficult getting out of bed early in the morning plus you are the best person at procrastination, you hardly get things done until the last minute.

But in a bid to be a better person, you had to find ways of working with and through your weakness because you realized that, you couldn't just change and become hardworking or workaholic overnight. In fact you could never become one. So you decided that you'll try to find easier and faster ways of getting the things you have to get done, done, so that you can get your hands off and laze around with the free time you will have left, or better still, get busy with something you'd love to do.  So much that people will hardly believe it when you tell them that you're lazy or can be, since they've come to know you as someone who gets things done.

And it hasn't been easy moving from always lazy to sometimes lazy. (LOL)
But in wanting to become a better person you've had to constantly seek motivation either from yourself or from outside. You've fed your mind with books of encouragement and determination and you've become friends with people who'll constantly challenge you.

Now In realizing that, It is the weakness your personality traits came with, you could have gotten stuck with it, constantly giving the excuse that "that's how I am" , when you know very well that you could be a better person.

Now where does this lead us to?

Reading the comments of a man, with regards to a post from a lady that suggests possible cheating by her soon to be husband, I nearly puked as I read his comments, which argued that men will always be men. This suggests that, women should accept the fact that, men have cheating added to their DNA and so should not expect otherwise.

It is rather unfortunate that some men are like that. Having such thoughts at the back of their minds, and marketing it for women to buy. (which of course gets bought by some women)..
These are the people who go about screaming that they should be accepted and loved just as they are, with no desire to become the better persons they know they can become, since the work involved in change is just too much for them to accept. So they opt for the status quo "men will always be men"

These are men, who wouldn't mind cheating on their spouses and partners. They wouldn't care to apologize for their wrongs because they themselves find nothing wrong with the wrongs they do. They wouldn't be putting in maximum effort to make a relationship work, because they have to live up to the full potential of "men will always be men" syndrome. After all, they're "men" and women are expected to do everything to keep a relationship going.

What I want to say is; if you're a man, don't accept that phrase. It is like saying that it is normal to belch and so you don't mind going about belching everywhere and anywhere.
Thus it is for this reason that some men will stand anywhere to urinate once they feel the urge to. But should that be the case? No. They should urinate at appropriate places as they expect women to do.

If all men chose to always be "men", please be the different man. Be the outstanding man. Be the man who masters the art of self control. Be the man after God's own heart. Daily living to be a better version of the men everyone seems to be used to.

Dare to be different! Dare to change! Dare to transform your weaknesses into strengths with the help of God. Remember, with God, all things are possible!!! Don't be the man who will always be a "man"


  1. Some men, like myself, will not always be men in the world's definition. We will learn, unlearn and relearn 🙌