Jeffrey Nortey is an award winning Actor, TV host and spoken word artist. At last year's Ghana tertiary awards, he won the best student Actor, Tv presenter and student of the year 2017.
Some of  his many spoken word pieces are; Peace, God and Bend the knee (that was to honour sarkodie).
Today, for Floated Thoughts segment, we have the honor of spending time with him.

Akuvi: Hello Jeffrey

Jeffrey: Hi

Akuvi: Please tell us about yourself

Jeffrey: Okay... so ermm...  My name is Jeffrey Nortey. I'm an Actor, TV host and  spoken word artist. I'm a student of Jayee University, reading public relations and in level 400.

Akuvi: What are your hobbies?

Jeffrey: Hobbies... writing, acting and watching movies

Akuvi: OK. You're widely known as an actor, How and why did you start poetry?

Jeffrey: I met a guy who introduced himself as spoken word artist. I found it to be a weird craft so I asked him to send me his works to listen to them. He sent me his pieces. I listened to it. I tried my hands on a few pieces then I fell in love with it. Then a program came up at church and I was asked to do something, I didn't hesitate when the offer came. And that piece has been my favourite ever because the Holy spirit inspired me.
Why? Because I believe that Spoken word is one of the gifts God has blessed me with, therefore I'm going to use it to entertain and help with kingdom business. I also  want to touch lives, solve societal problems with spoken word poetry. Apart from that I want to feed people with it. I want to pay bills with it. I hope to reach a level where the spoken word i do will gain the same attention that music gets.

Akuvi: Wow! So What's the name of the guy? He's really done a good job introducing spoken word to you

Jeffrey: Hahahahahaha! You can say that again, His name is Laud the poet

Akuvi: Tell us where you come from

Jeffrey: Dodowa please

Akuvi: You're Ga right?

Jeffrey: No,  I'm a krobo

Akuvi: Oh ok. So what inspires you to write?

Jeffrey: What inspires me? Eerrmm so many things. God, past experiences, good news, bad news, testimonies, the good, bad, ugly... Everything.

Akuvi: What message do you have for your fellow youth out there who are looking up to you?

Jeffrey: Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added. Key word *all*

Watch this space, next week, we'll read a lovely poem from Jeffrey Nortey. You don't want to miss it! Thank you for reading and kindly do well to share.