#EchoesOfInspiration: MIRACLES AWAIT YOU

There are many things we wish, dream and hope to do that we never get to do. Maybe because we lacked courage, encouragement and passion. But mostly because we fear what people will say, how it will turn out, whether it'd be successful or not.
We just imagine the many ways things could go wrong and never how things could go right. That, to me is not being fair to ourselves.

Life is mostly about taking chances. Like Rev. Fr. Greg will say; "sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and jump"
Jump into the world of many possibilities. The possibilities of something turning out right or wrong. Jump into it. And while you descend, gather the wind beneath your arms, allow it raise you up above the negativity and soar high through it all, exploring the many chances that present themselves to you.

It's a new month. It's the month of May.

But you can only have access to those miracles if you'll take chances, if you'll jump into the world of possibilities, because you know what? Miracles are not served on a silver platter, while you cross your legs and sit in a couch.
Miracles are served when we step out of our comfort zone, miracles are served when we lend a helping hand, miracles are served when we smile at someone, miracles are served when we draw the curtain of shyness and step onto stage of courage.

Miracles will only be served, when you say hello to new beginnings. Happy new month!