#MemoirsFromTamale: KAWULA!

The first word I learnt was Kawula, taught by Gombilla the poet. It means how are you and you'd respond "alefia"

When I arrived in Tamale, almost everyone  that smiled at me was asked Kawula and they'd laugh at my pronunciation and correct me, but unfortunately, I never seem to get it right. You can't blame me, can you? It's like an Ewe or Ga man trying to speak twi perfectly... Almost impossible

Stepping out of the soccer center after watching a match with guys only, I concluded that, the men aren't as violent as they'd been portrayed to me. Throughout the match, I heard no abusive language, after the match there was no exchange, everyone expressed their views, opinions, displeasure and joy in the most calm way not typical of men I'd seen in Accra. And within few minutes, everyone had sat on their bikes and ridden off.

Stepping out of the glorious and loving embrace of the people from the church, I concluded that, in terms of church hospitality, they were the best I'd seen so far. So much love and excitement you wouldn't want to leave. Except that some of the elderly weren't too comfortable with how I was too comfortable in the church, but that's understandable... Lol. I'm sure they were asking "who's this girl that thinks she's in her house"

Walking on the corridors of the hospital reception with a colleague volunteer, a woman stopped me after I'd reached about 10 meters away from her, shouting at the top of her voice and raining curses, that I'd hit her with my elbow... At that point, I almost lost hope in the humanity of the people of Tamale but I quickly remembered that "efie biara, Mensah wom"

But will I allow just one person's bad attitude to ruin the beautiful ones that many others have shown? No

And so from other people's point of views, depending on the bad attitude they may have experienced from a couple of people, you'd hear that, northerners are aggressive and rude. But from my point of view based on my experiences, I will always say otherwise. The men may appear pompous due to their traditions but all the same, they're nice people.

If you want to be sure, when you visit that land, say Kawula to those you meet and watch love get stired up.

Happy weekend!👌
PC: Dexdee Photography