#MemoirsFromTamale: TAMALE LIKE AFRICA

We were told of a land where it's people lived as savages, tearing one another up in conflicts upon conflicts. We heard of how poverty stricken they were and constantly asked to pray for them. As if prayer without works was the solution they needed.

Overtime, this narrative, though may have happened, seems to have become as permanent as an indelible mark a perception, that is just too hard to clean. 

But good news is, efforts are being made to change the narratives of this beautiful land. It may not be with a Black Panther story but it's going to be through sharing amazing experiences from this land which will make you say "Damn! Wakanda life am I living if I'm not visiting this place?" and you're going to mark it a "to do before I die" thing. 

Tamale, like Africa has had it's fair share of gross misconceptions about it's people and the town as a whole. But the story is changing and people are beginning to see that it's not what they tell us it is. 

The weather in Tamale could be the only truth you've heard about the place- truly, it's harsh.
The scorching hot sun, the dry wind that blows, the dusty environment etc. But they're not a group of people constantly fighting one another, neither is there abject poverty in the town. 
It's not a dull place either. Tamale is alive! 

Walk with me, ride with me, read with me. Let's journey to Tamale and back for some few weeks. Let's unlearn to relearn. 

Happy new week!


  1. Beautiful. I'm glad you've loved the stay there. Hope we are seeing you this year?