#MemoirsFromTamale: MBA YAHAYA

Over a land far away, up there in the northern part of Ghana, the sun sets.

Sunset in Tamale is a beautiful site to behold. You can clearly see and feel the love the setting sun makes with the skies. It's a sight that communicates with your inner most being and makes you feel at ease. At long last, rest is here.

At sunset in a place like Tamale, you'd expect that it's people will scurry off into their homes like rats run to their holes when they sense danger and not want to enjoy the pleasures of the cool night breeze, but no, that's not it. Even at the stroke of midnight  you'd see people around, though not as many as you'd spot in Accra

At sunset, you see most of its people going to the mosque to have their 15 to 30 minutes period of prayer and meditation. Life continues after that.

The people of Tamale are fun loving people. You may not hear them talk about going to the night clubs or pubs to have fun through out the night but they do have fun their own way.
It may also not be about attending shows, theatre plays etc like we do down here. So what is it about then??

It is about Mba Yahaya, the most famous guinea fowl hub there is in Tamale. It is where the table of men is located. It is where the women may gather to chit chat.

Guinea fowl in Tamale is like chicken in Accra. Highly sought after, most especially by visitors. And Mba Yahaya is the reccomended place to go. Mba Yahaya's guinea fowl is grilled on a grill over a pan of hot coal. Some of the pieces are spiced with pepper, wrapped in brown paper and grilled while others are put directly on the grill

The spiced and seasoned taste of the meat could be very cruel to one's tongue and yet pampering at the same time. It's a bittersweet feeling. Yet very enjoyable. That explains the estimated number of 200 guinea fowls slaughted each day.

But then, isn't life made up of bittersweet moments that we can't forget?

Happy New Week!