#EchoesOfInspiration: GOD IS A TAXI DRIVER

Last night I met God. He was just getting off the phone with someone.
"in an hour's time" He said roughly, yet calmly, then he ended the call. I bet it was a prayer he was answering. (Thinking about it, that one hour he said, could mean one year oo)

When I saw him. I just knew he was the one I'd go with. He laughed a lot and for some reasons, I was drawn to him.
So after boo negotiated the fare,  I took my good bye kiss which he always, carefully plants on my forehead in the same way you put an egg down.
"Keep the jacket" he said smiling as I opened the door lazily and sat at the back seat

After sitting, I took a moment to scan the seat, as my ears caught the sound of a favorite gospel song playing and I'd never seen a taxi so dirty like the one I sat in.
"Oh what happened here?" I asked calmly though with displeasure.
"Oh a woman I just dropped off" he replied shrugging his shoulders like he really wasn't bothered about it, no, about anything.

She must have kids I thought and smiled. Looking out the window, I gave boo a wave and settled in. But there was something about this car and the driver. There was a kind of aura I couldn't recognize. It was too calm, too free, too cool, too loving, too graceful, so I decided it was peace. What more could it be?

The whole experience was like the ones I've watched in movies where a character is at a dead end and someone from nowhere which is mostly an angel shows up and they suddenly feel so light and different. But thing is, in my case, we didn't talk except to ask me which way he should take, I answered and that was it.

There was gospel music playing throughout the ride and He sang along so beautifully. I just didn't want this journey to end. At a point, I was lost in thoughts till we got to a place where people were screaming prayers and I thought, aren't they praying to this man here? So I searched his face for a reaction but there was none. I looked away and got lost in thoughts again, by the time I realized, he'd taken the longer route. "Hallelujah" I proclaimed in my heart.

I was enjoying a level of true joy I hadn't felt in a while but soon, I was home and had to get the eff out of the car.

But here's what I want to share with you.
From the beginning of the ride, till the end, through to getting in my bed, all I've felt is the urge to write this experience. I didn't know why but I finally obeyed my urge and here's the why I got as I wrote this down:


The taxi driver when stopped, was asked if he knew where I was going, to which he responded in the affirmative. So I wondered why he'd ask me which way he should go because he's the driver and he should know the route. But he asked me, I guess because he wanted me to be part of the ride and not just to ride along. Because before I answered, I asked if he didn't know the way and he said, "there are various routes, I just want you to choose which one we should take". So I chose a route. PS: every route comes with its own potholes. Potholes you'll have to endure.

Do you know that the same way the taxi driver allowed me to decide which route we should take, is the same way God allows us to choose which path of life to take? He allows us make choices, not because he has no idea about this life but because he wants us to work with him. And like every route has potholes, so does every decision have consequences.

I tried to imagine how the world would have been without free will and it's one word; robotic! Imagine a path was already laid down for you to follow? No wait, don't imagine it. Think about the child who's born to parents who have already decided what he'll be in future, who he/she will marry, when he/she will start dating etc... What's the one word you'll describe it with? Me, it's "boring" But then, it's the safest way because every wrong choice will be eliminated and most bad experiences wouldn't happen. Thus, no lessons to learn.


You know, human beings naturally like to be in charge. When given the opportunity to make decisions, we mostly jump at the prospect of deciding what should be and what shouldn't, so much that often times we fail to realize that, the person asking us to partake in the decision making process could be the best decision maker.

I could have simply said to the taxi driver "oh you decide which route we should take" but I was too much in a hurry to exercise my chance to decide that it didn't come to mind. So I decided. If there had been so many potholes, I'd been angry that the driver wasn't driving well enough to dodge them. Yeah, that's what we do best. Blame the consequences of our decisions on the one who gave us the chance to make a choice. Too often we blame God for the effects of the choices we freely make.
Always screaming; ''why did God have to let this or that happen?'' without realizing that the question we are really asking is ''why did God give me a free will?''

But maybe, we should learn to say "You choose" everytime we get to choose or "You take charge" everything we get to take charge. Because unlike parents who lay down a path and do things their way throughout, hardly caring about the child's feelings towards it, God is different. Even when you've given back your free will to him, he keeps bringing it back to you because he cares about how you feel, because hewants you to work with him, he doesn't want it to be all about him, not when your happiness is involved and so, he still presents you with choices

It doesn't mean that there wouldn't be challenges or consequences because even God's way isn't an easy route. Like I said earlier "EVERY ROUTE HAS ITS OWN POTHOLES"

Happy New week!!