#MemoirsOfATraveler: SAVED BY TAKORADI

This is me standing in a bus traveling from Accra to Kakum. After standing for almost 3 hours, I start asking myself, can I really stand through the return journey after having all the fun?? Of course not! So I decided to go back to what should have been a planned and well organized trip to Takoradi, to spend the rest of the weekend and return in grand style. (ie: sitting in my own seat, listening to good music, reading and eating.) Unfortunately, I slept through most of the journey and if my head could fall off, it would have fallen off and rolled everywhere inside the bus. Because I did a great deal of dozing. LOL

PC: Sixtus, CIBT

My stay in, is it the oil city they call it? Was brief. As brief as an orgasm. And like an orgasm, it was exciting! Though I didn't visit any popular landmark. I went to the beach, the harbor view gardens and the Atlantic Hotel.
The journey from Cape Coast to Takoradi was as dark as the battle of Winterfell. There are no street lights and we have past and previous governments to thank. I don't know why there are hardly any street lights on roads that connect one region to the other. *Sigh* it's not as if there are any in the cities and towns anyway. But I managed to catch glimpses of the University of Cape Coast and the beautiful beaches with elegant coconut grooves just before it could get pitch black. Awesome sight to behold!

Saturday night in Takoradi started with a movie premier; Away Bus, at the Atlantic Hotel, situated on a small hill, over looking the ocean. That comedy movie is lit. The actors and actresses were awesome! It started with the same sick mother cliché we see in these local movie storylines. However, the several plot twists made it one of a kind! While you're laughing at John Dumelo for hiding money in his hat, you're shocked at Roselyn Ngissah  for eating banku in the bus, and bored by Akuapem polo for having a bitchy attitude. Daily life bus experiences beautifully and vividly captured. Life lessons such as how the value of friendship, and love for loved ones can drive us to sacrifice and do the unthinkable, just to see our loved ones well and happy. You'll laugh and cry. You'll awww and aaah. And you'll yaaaayy and naaaayyy.

On Sunday, after catching up on all the sleep I couldn't have on Saturday, the beach smelled of me. The very beach close to the Atlantic Hotel. I didn't get the name. The best thing about that beach is the golf course. Yeah right! A beach with a golf course and by the time I realized I was seated in the grass of a golf course, I'd called it a football pitch. Not because it has goal posts, I just thought it must be one. After all, it's all we make noise about in this "awa" "kentry". Apart from that, it's no different from labadi beach in Accra.

We finished the day off at The Harbor Gardens. My! It is a sight to behold. A place you sit and relax as the harbor activities go on before your very eyes. A serene place for writing . One can end up with a book full of hundred poems after spending just a few hours there.

This is just an experience from an impromptu visit. I can't imagine how it would have been if it was well planned and I had a lot of time to visit a lot of places. I'm sure I'd take over a month to write about the experience.
I am super happy I did not get a seat in the bus, all this happiness would have passed me by. Maybe for a better experience but why wait for better when you can have good and better?

Until i travel again, to come your way with #MemoirsOfATraveler, have fun, stay positive, be productive and worry less!