#TheReminder: GO GET A COPY

Hey there,
I cannot remember the last time I shared a blog post. It has been a great while. I have been away and doing nothing really except reading so much, school and getting into facebook squabbles(lol). But it is all over now. Time to get back to things that really matter. Aye!

So here is how we are going to start. Here is how we are coming back. As God willed it, my maiden book is almost done and it is titled THE REMINDER. I had a good friend help with the editing and here is a review he wrote. I'd like for you to read it and get to know a little about this book. In the meantime, till i start writing again.

"The book you are about to pay for has a hundred and thirteen pages besides the forward and introduction. It contains a collection of poems, memoirs and narratives from several sources all crafted to tell an elaborate story that is supposed to be a reminder that will strike you to respond to the things we so easily ignore.
In this book, The Reminder, you will find yourself traveling through events of daily occurrences you normally will not care about now turned into a huge light we cannot ignore. Here is a teaser; you are reminded of companionship in Are You Only a Child?. You get to see mindfulness in “Judgment Begins with You”. The dangers of sluggishness is vividly illustrated in, “Don’t be a Cowbird”. There is, “Take Heart”, and you cannot ignore “Ignore”, nor skip the struggles of conformity versus individuality. Would you be emotional or go through the motions showing non or little of it? and when you are tempted to feel egotistic, would walk on or say thank you?. At some point in reading, you find these reminders in The Reminder.   

What about the narrative and diction? Many well written books have the easiest and most relatable narrative sequence there is. This book is no different from your best sellers. Straightforward narrative, no verbosity and this combination easily gets the mind to receive and reason through issues presented. This makes it suitable for all age brackets. Go get a copy!

As bold as the title is, what I asked myself was, ‘will this title be made present in the pages of the book?’ I looked forward to it and I was not disappointed. I must say the pieces of stories used to illustrate the idea to be reiterated well resonated with the title. Getting to read this book is saying you are ready to be reminded of things you probably have not been paying attention to. I must warn you, you will not like everything this reminder is about. You must make your mind to pay heed and make some adjustment by the time you are done reading. This is to say, the author did justice with all the work she put into the creation of the work. Go get your copy!

If you are not a poetry fun, then you will be disappointed, there’s quite a number; in fact, one poem per chapter. I must say also that the author had a bias toward her faith. She drew some of her inspiration from the bible. This I find important to mention, if you have a things against the bible, you might as well skip this book when you see it on the shelf. But if you have no problem, then by all mean, go get your copy!
Here’s my opinion of the book? First, the book is well written though an improvement can always be given to it. With that, there is no need to worry, it is well written. No need to say more, go get a copy!

I am a teacher and required to constantly make decision about reading materials for my students. I have turned down a number of books because they were substandard or just not suitable for my students. Asking you to buy this book will not go against my beliefs and honour as a teacher. If you relish sitting across the table to listen to counsel then considering getting a copy of The Reminder should suffice. The book carries so much to help you make decisions towards a better future. Thank me later, Go get a copy and enjoy the read."

Now let me introduce you to editor and review writer extraordinaire, Benjamin Obu-Simpson

Till we meet again, may the joy of the risen Christ forever remain with you and Happy, fruitful and prosperous new month in advance. Miracles Await You!!!


  1. Welcome girl... i can't wait to get myself a copy.

  2. wow!..beautiful. I love the title and the cover. i think it will go a long way. wish u success dear . more vim!