Even men fear men, who am I not to?

This a thought that has stayed in my mind since the night of 15th January 2020. Everything happened so fast. We had just alighted and were walking on a lonely path that looked unlonely. I mean, there's a pub, houses around, there was a man sitting in front of one of the buildings and then there was us. Afia and myself.

We were engrossed in and with ourselves, chatting away when all of a sudden a motorbike crossed us, there were two men. One had a bandana tied around his mouth and the other was the rider. The one with the bandana shouted in Ga, "kwerh ny3ni ny3 k33 meni eh?" We took few steps back and the next thing I knew, I was running. I run in no particular direction. It was as though something had suddenly possessed me. I didn't know where I was running to. I was just running. I ran and took a left turn into some cars that were packed. I think they were for sale. I got to the end and there was a fence, the next thing that happened shocked me. I swung myself over the fence and almost got into the street but for the moving cars with their headlights flashing in my eyes.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that Afia had gone to the pub to seek refuge. The men had followed her there, by what I saw I realized they needed help. It just her and the woman at the pub. I paced up and down thinking of what to do. My heart was racing mad. Then I walked over to a young man that was standing at the bus stop and spoke to him. I was fumbling but he managed to get what I meant. Told him I needed help and pointed to the pub, that my friend and I were being attacked. He just looked at me, startled, frightened, I couldn't tell which one I couldn't make sense of what he was saying but he obviously didn't want to get involved.

The next thing I knew, the guys rode to the roadside where we stood. The guy with the bandana, which he had now taken off got down, with fury in his eyes, got close to the man I was talking to and said "ibi you wey you want save am eh?" The young man looked at me and "naaaa, i just dey here" Then the bandana man looked at me, I looked back at him and he got back on the bike and told his partner to get them away from there. I turned back and the guy was gone, he probably got on the trotro that stopped at the bus stop.

I started to pace up and down again, my heart still racing. It was getting faster and faster, I started shivering but I took out my phone and made a call for help. Then I felt someone mention Akuvi, I turned, he held me and I collapsed into his arms. I think it was so sudden he couldn't get hold of me, so I ended up on the floor. I couldn't breath, I started to cry, I thought I was going to die. I could hear a voice telling me to hang in there, it was coming from my phone.

I calmed down a bit after sometime and I got up. He told me we had to find Afia. My God, what had happened to her? I started to cry again and felt guilty. Why did I ran without her? I felt I betrayed her, then we saw her sitting down and crying. I started to say sorry. She said sorry too. She felt guilty too, saying if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here in the first place. They took her purse and 2 phones. Everything she had was gone.

A week after the incidence, I was replaying everything in my head again as I had resorted to doing and wishing that it had happened differently. Like we should have shouted or ran in the same direction. I was replaying everything when I got to where I was asking the young man for help to when the guys appeared. Fear was written, drawn and painted all over him. Then I concluded, even men fear men, who am I not to?

This conclusion resounds in my mind uncountable times a day. It's caused me to be extremely alert around men, especially when in town. So yesterday when the vehicle was almost at Nyamekye and I realized the mate didn't seem to call for people and I was alone in the vehicle, I started shouting, telling him I'll get down at the next stop. I was frightened. So when the vehicle stopped, I got down with speed and immediately got into the next vehicle that was almost full.


  1. Babe, you did nothing wrong. God knew that day was coming and it came. You will be fine, we still have life. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I am scared o motorbikes and men staring at me but it's gonna be fine...