There's a saying that goes like this "don't live by the rules", there's another one that says "Be different" and then there's mine "You don't always have to deal with it, sometimes let the world deal with it" which you might not understand. But wait, I'll explain.

You know, I've realized that people are always looking for the flaw, no matter how insignificant it is, they are just waiting to see it. Just so they can magnify it to cross out any good thing. So you see a beautiful picture of someone in braces and belt and all you think about is, "well, there's a fashion flaw" and irrespective of the fact that it's a minor one, you amplify it and dwell on it.
Yh yh, I know the debate, I know the argument, it's only got to do with functionality and nothing about style or comfort. But do we only wear cloth or accessories because of their functionalities and nothing else?

But well, I'm talking about breaking rules, being different and letting the world deal with it!
Everyone of us has adhered to societal rules and regulations while growing up, without the slightest protest. It is only after we grew up that we realized how unnecessary some of them were and then into the bin they went. Sometimes you think, who made these rules anyway?? And then the answer comes back to society and then down to you, as you're part of the society. If so, then those who made the rules can change it right? That means you can actually rewrite those rules and that's what it means by don't live by the rules.

Now as you begin to rewrite the rules, you become different which society doesn't appreciate much. And then, if you care about your happiness that much, you'll tell the society and by extension the world, to deal with it. And guess what?? It does!

Whatever you do, people will talk about it. People will find something to say about it. Even with the perfect thing, people punch holes till they find a flaw. So while no one really thinks you should wear braces and belt at the same time, here is someone who thinks otherwise. I'm not a big influential fashionista woman but I am one person who believes that if it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone, do it! Especially if your skirt or trousers has belt loops.