#EchoesOfInspiration: BLACKMAILING GOD

That day was exciting! The morning started slow. I was scraping ginger to grind for my sobolo when i noticed the rain clouds gathering.

I immediately moved to sit in the porch to enjoy the wind. Oh it was refreshing! The wind got stronger, blowing sand into my face but I was loving it.

Few moments later, there was a heavy downpour. I put my bowl of ginger down and started to harvest rain water.

A couple of hours later, I'd filled everything that needed filling. I heated water and went straight to take my bath. Upon getting to my room after bathing, I met the most horrible sight.

My eyes got really clouded. It was their turn to have a downpour but I wasn't going to allow it. So I breathed in for a few times and went over.

My laptop was dead wet! Apparently, my ceiling was leaking. It hadn't happened before so I didn't know it will.
I was in the middle of a lot of things. My final year project and a couple of write ups.

I started wiping the laptop and praying to God to let it work. I said "God I've been a good girl, you can't let this happen to me"
It was at that moment that I had the realization.

I was blackmailing God. That wasn't the first time I was praying like that but it sure was the first time of knowing what exactly I'd been doing.

Trying to force and manipulate God into doing my bidding by referring him to what I have done for him.
And at other times, it gets worse. Like when you add that you'll stop believing if your prayer isn't answered.

Who the hell are you???πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Do you know God is God without you?
That you're not doing him a favor by believing in him?
That you're not doing him a favor by being good?
Or by worshipping him?

The experience gives a better understanding of James 4:3
Some prayers or requests aren't answered because they're said with the wrong motives. Like with the intention of blackmail

I know I know, what if that's not your intention? Like you didn't know that's what you were doing? But God knows. The true results of our actions may be lost to us but it is never lost to God.

Just like parents know when their children are only trying to blackmail them with tears and tantrums, God also knows.
So there are a few times when you ask God to look back at your good deeds and have mercy on you and your prayer gets answered. And there are those other times when you're clearly blackmailing God.

So after I realized that. I stopped the prayer and said let your will be done. (Who knows? He is probably preparing a new one for me. One I can only receive with empty hands)

God always has better plans for us and he answers prayers according to our eternal needs, not necessarily according to our immediate or temporal wants. (Said a man of God and I agree)

We must learn to pray in a better fashion. No wonder Jesus had to teach us to pray. Take a look at the Lords prayer.
There's not a single form of blackmail. May we be open and sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. To know when we're doing wrong and to know how to be better.

Also remember, to always look on the bright sideπŸ˜‰


  1. Awesome piece. God's plan for us are for our eternal benefit and it is made evident to the world for our heavenly Father to be glorified.

    Please pass on the sobolo to my abode.